What Car Specs And Features Are Consumers Searching For?

When searching for a new car, different people have specific needs. However, by comparing search volume for keywords, it’s easier to determine which metrics matter more for specific audiences. While your own research should be tailored specifically to each client, having a better idea what car buyers are searching for helps SEO team members and […]

5 Ways to Spot a Fake SEO Agency

Businesses large and small recognize how important Search Engine Optimization is to improving online visibility and driving revenue. With SEO becoming essential in generating online exposure, more and more businesses are seeking out SEO agencies to  develop strategies that will provide them greater visibility to an untapped consumer base. Unfortunately, with such a high demand […]

Optimizing for Mobile

When I recently visited my brother, a Peace Corps volunteer, at his current home in a small rural village high in the Andes Mountains, I noticed something interesting. Even in a town without consistent access to electricity, everyone had smart phones. It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter where you go; if you […]