5 Reasons Why Knowing Your Audience is Key to a Great SEO Strategy

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SEO refers to the process of increasing your website’s ranking on search engines and ultimately, traffic to your website. A solid SEO strategy helps generate awareness and interest in your business. Knowing your audience can boost the quantity and quality of traffic to your site and help with your SEO efforts in five ways.

1. Narrow Your Focus

Knowing your audience can help narrow your focus. Trying to target everyone is a difficult and futile effort. Solely focusing on your target audience helps utilize your resources more efficiently. For example, if you’re a Honda dealership and you’re trying to target everyone, you may miss individuals who are more likely to visit your store, such as people living a few miles from your dealership or people who are looking to buy or lease a new Honda vehicle. Narrowing your focus helps appeal to individuals who are more likely to become a customer.

2. Efficiency

Knowing and understanding your audience will save you time, energy, and resources. By focusing your attention on a defined group of people, you save time and energy you would’ve spent if you had targeted everyone. Knowing your audience can also help you come up with a list of keywords to include on your site, saving time you would’ve spent researching and using ineffective keywords.

3. Obtaining Leads

Knowing and understanding your audience helps drive potential customers who are more likely to make a purchase to your website. For example, let’s say your Honda dealership creates content for the 2019 Honda Accord on your website. Adding model-specific pages targets individuals researching the new Accord. This not only drives traffic, but relevant traffic to your website. These users will remember that your content satisfied their needs once, and are ultimately more likely to return again to convert than non-targeted readers.

4. Creating Interest

Knowing your audience helps you understand their needs and develop a positive relationship between your dealership and potential customers. If you speak to an audience that you know and understand, there’s a greater chance your audience can relate to or be interested in the content on your site. This will also create a great user experience. If someone on your site is interested in your content, this will also increase the chance they’ll share it on social media or link the page on their own sites. This could potentially increase your ranking on search engines.

5. Building Relationships

Creating content for a defined group of individuals will help form more personal relationships with your audience. This can also increase the chances of your customers continuing to visit your business. For your dealership, this could mean service appointments or repairs after buying a vehicle from your dealership.

Knowing your audience is key to earning more qualified leads, satisfying customers, and optimizing resources. Let Aronson Advertising jumpstart your SEO efforts by calling our marketing experts at (847) 297-1700 or by filling out our form.

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About the author: Hira Tanweer

Hira Tanweer
Hira has been a member of the Aronson Advertising SEO team since early 2018. She has a bachelor in advertising from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. As a recent car buyer, Hira knows what car shoppers need and look for when shopping for their first car.

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