The Importance of Keywords & Their Role in SEO

Have you ever noticed that certain websites you land on after performing a search contain pages with similar-sounding words and phrases? These are called keywords, and there’s a reason for the similarity.

When we create pages for our clients, we keep user intent in mind. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. After researching what people typed into search engines – what keywords they chose to use – we have a better understanding of which words will lead them to our content.

Say someone is writing for a clothing retailer’s website. What would you predict a shopper search for? They might type in “clothes” in the search engine, but what’s more likely is that they’re looking for a specific type of clothing. For example, they might want a “jacket.” But wait, it gets even more specific than that. What if your hypothetical consumer wants a “soft pink fall jacket” or “boy’s soccer cleats”? We can narrow that search even more by making sure to include keywords such as these in the content we write.

Although people may be searching with super-specific keywords, we also need to include more general keywords so that we don’t accidentally leave something important out that would draw in more consumers. Not only do we want people looking for exact match keywords, but broad match keywords as well. Exact match keywords are useful when the search engine triggers our client’s ads based on how closely the search term entered mirrors words on our pages. Broad match keywords reach the widest audience in the search engine by accounting for more diverse similarities between words on our pages and words entered in the search engine. Proper keyword placement and usage helps determine whether services and products get seen by the right people.

Not only can we use specific and general words and phrases that describe products and services, but we can also use geographic keywords, such as names of towns, cities, states, and counties. This helps search engines narrow the focus so that, hopefully, the page we wrote will show up to the people who actually live in the specified geographic region. In terms of our clients, this would allow users to search for an automotive dealership in their area, which could lead to a possible visit to the actual brick-and-mortar dealership.

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