How Joseph Nicholas Construction Helped Build Aronson Advertising

The digital advertising department at Aronson Advertising had humble beginnings, but what was once one person at a desk with a handful of clients is now an awesome team of 50 digital experts in an awesome new section of our building, though we needed help to get here.

Last spring, the digital team at Aronson Advertising grew so quickly that we were running out of space. We already moved into a larger area, but we added so many clients and new team members that we were about to grow out of our new space. We needed a larger work area to better meet the needs of our team and our clients.

We called Joseph Nicholas Construction to develop a section of our building and create a workspace that would provide us with the extra room and equipment that we needed to thrive as an advertising agency.

The work took a few months, but the team from Joseph Nicholas Construction completed our build ahead of schedule, and provided a space ideal for a growing digital advertising agency.

  • Our office walls were painted to allow our team members to write on them with erasable markers. If we have an idea or want to illustrate a point, we’re able to do so thanks to special paint that our team lead requested.
  • Our department heads have specially designed offices that allow for greater privacy when it’s time for reporting.
  • We have a small conference room for one-on-one or small group discussions.
  • Most importantly, our office features work stations that allow our team members to have their own workspace, but still allows for conversation and communication.

It was very important to us not to be trapped in cubicles, and Joseph Nicholas Construction delivered desks that allow each team member to have two monitors with enough room for notebooks, papers, and coffee, while also encouraging communication between team members.

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