Facebook: The Major Changes of 2019

The great big world of social media is always changing, and with change comes adaptation That’s exactly what the social media team at Aronson Advertising has come to expect throughout their day-to-day working with Facebook. Follow along with us to preview the biggest Facebook changes and pushes we’ve seen throughout 2019.

Facebook Business Manager Updates

Throughout much of 2019, the United States government has put Facebook under the microscope and forced the company to change how its advertisers can gain traction on their desired advertisements. That meant shutting down third-party data providers, as well as thousands of bot, or fake, Facebook accounts. Marketers throughout the world that use Facebook to advertise their products or services most likely saw this huge update in Facebook Business Manager’s Ad algorithm. This year, we’ve seen Facebook remove the ability to target certain in-market metrics, as well as requiring the selection of a ‘special category’ your ad may fall under. Credit, housing, and employment are now subject areas that Facebook has begun limiting how you present your ad and to whom. What does that mean for Facebook marketers? Relying on historical data from Facebook pixels, updating custom audiences, and reanalyzing social data has become key to maintaining day-to-day conversions.

The team at Aronson has moved towards a more local approach in which we advertise. Each month, the process in which we target and optimize ads has changed due to feedback and historical performance from Facebook directly. It’s extremely important to locate a niche in which your ad is performing at its best and to build off of that with more inclusive or local keywords, interest categories, or locations.

Regaining the trust of your community

At one time, Facebook was mainly a website that was intended to connect and reconnect with family and friends. This past year, all of that has seemed to fall by the wayside. Facebook is pushing for more meaningful interactions from the social media giant’s users. How you ask? With the introduction of community Groups, this will help Facebook get back to its grassroots way of operating.

Within these community Groups, users will have the opportunity to engage with other users who share the same interests. This will, hopefully, spark more meaningful connections through the platform, while harboring a type of private social attraction to the platform again. Another exciting aspect of Groups is that, users will have the ability to select the content they want to see in their newsfeed. This means you’ll easily be able to keep your Group posts and personal News Feed posts separate, thus streamlining the way you engage.

Facebook has also gone through a recent rebrand. They’re moving away from their traditional “big blue” F, to a more subdued white-trimmed FACEBOOK logo. The logo was purposefully put into all capital letters so that it is more easily recognizable as an app on a mobile device. With all the negativity that has clouded the social media platform, the team at Facebook thought this would be a breath of fresh air for those who don’t always think of Facebook as a leading news outlet.

Taking all of those changes into consideration, our social team at Aronson Advertising is here to help take your social game to the next level! From organic to sponsored Facebook advertising, our team is here for you. Contact our team of social experts at (847) 297-1700 today!

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