Why It’s Important to add CTAs on a CLP

Converting website visitors to customers is a primary goal of any business. To move the user down the conversion funnel can take place in many different ways. One of the most common ways is through a Call-to-Action (CTA). A CTA may vary from a banner or button to a link or anchor text that will guide a user to complete an action. CTAs are extremely important to a custom landing page and the role they play in the conversion funnel. The conversion funnel is a path that a customer takes when they either convert or complete a desired action. Developing and understanding your conversion funnel will help you create a plan to convert customers.

Benefits of Using a CTA

The actions a CTA is intended to elicit are varied depending on the goal. This may be to get the user to purchase an item or to subscribe to your blog. Without a CTA, a user may not feel inclined to complete a tasked that was originally thought of when creating the landing page. A CTA will act as a guide for the user and help move them further down your conversion funnel.

Important Features of a CTA

When creating a CTA, there are a few things to consider. Those include the placement of the CTA, the design, and the text it contains. These features should make sense to the user and help them complete certain actions.

Placement – The placement of the CTA should be considered when making a custom landing page. Identify where a user will look and where a CTA would make sense for a user. You wouldn’t want to place a CTA where your user wouldn’t see it or where is wouldn’t make sense for them to click on. For example, you shouldn’t place a CTA before any content that would explain why the user should click the CTA.

Design – The design of the CTA is important when getting the user to notice the action. You would want to design a CTA that is appealing for the user and will help them notice it. The CTA shouldn’t be too big where it is a distraction on the page or too small where a customer won’t notice it.

Text – The text on the CTA should be carefully thought out and planned. The text would need to entice the user and create a sense of urgency that would make the user want to click on it. It should make sense with the CTA and be relevant. Use phrases such as “Claim Now” or, “Act Fast Before Time Runs Out” that would make a customer want to engage with the CTA.

Things to Avoid

Creating the perfect CTA is not an easy task. It will take some trial and error to see what combinations of position, design, and text works best with your users. Some things to avoid when creating your CTA include making it too complicated for the user. You want to create a good experience when trying to convert your users to customers and making a complicated CTA would make it difficult for the user. Another thing to consider is to make sure the CTA is relevant to what the user is doing. You would want them to stay on topic and move further down your conversion funnel and not divert them from your goal.

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