What’s On Your Desk? – Alex C.

In less than two years time, social media manager Alex C. has gained a reputation as a fantastic team leader at Aronson Advertising in Schaumburg, IL. He has a unique mind for developing social media strategies for our clients. He also keeps his team on task and within their monthly budgets. But, most importantly, he has one of the coolest desks in our entire company. Personalized with toys, photos, plants, and trinkets, Alex’ workspace has a personality as vibrant as his own.

We asked Alex about his favorite and most unique desk accessories and this is how he explained them:

The overall desk aesthetic:

Aronson Advertising - Social Media

“I hold memories in weird things. I keep my motivational stickies from friends and coworkers close at hand. They really make me feel appreciated and connect me to other team members.”

His cactus skull:

“This was a present from my team for my birthday and it’s one of my favorites. The design and colors are really cool. I keep plants because I’ve always enjoyed them. My job at home when I was growing up was to water the plants for my mom, and that’s a habit that’s really stuck with me.”

His Pride button:

“This reminds me to stay true to who I am. At work, you have to stand for what you believe in. (My Pride button) means being open and understanding.”

The Artwork & Pictures:

“My oldest niece colors for me and her artwork and photos are among my favorite pieces.”
When the topic of this blog post was mentioned to coworkers, everyone almost universally expressed an interest in Alex’ desk and a desire to spend more time there just to look at the distinctive objects, bright colors, and cool accessories. In the two years Alex has been with the company, he’s not only grown his accounts, but also contributed greatly to our workplace culture.
Learn more about available opportunities with Aronson Advertising and, you might be able to see Alex’ desk for yourself if you have the right talent and attitude. Check out our current job openings here to see if you’re a fit for our automotive advertising agency in Schaumburg, IL.

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