What Car Specs And Features Are Consumers Searching For?

When searching for a new car, different people have specific needs. However, by comparing search volume for keywords, it’s easier to determine which metrics matter more for specific audiences. While your own research should be tailored specifically to each client, having a better idea what car buyers are searching for helps SEO team members and content writers create content more effectively for these clients. Today we will take a look at popular features and specs for cars and see how buyers are searching for them according to Google Trends.

Where Do People Start Looking?

A car buyer will have a general idea what type of vehicle they need. For example, those who are in the market for a full-size SUV have vastly different needs than someone who is looking for a compact hybrid. Knowing this distinction will help when searching in Google Trends, and allows you to refine your category. For example, searching in “Autos & Vehicles” will give yield results that are pertinent to all vehicles while narrowing your category to “Trucks & SUVs” will help you find more accurate and pertinent data.

Google Trends - Autos and Vehicles
Google Trends - Trucks and SUVs

Here we have an example why it’s important to refine your category. When searching for the topics “Fuel Efficiency” and “Towing Capacity” under the “Autos & Vehicles” category, towing capacity is currently being searched over five times more than fuel efficiency. However, when the category is changed to “Trucks & SUVs,” towing capacity is being searched over eight times more than fuel efficiency. Clearly, those searching specifically for trucks and SUVs are more concerned with towing capacity over fuel efficiency, even more so than the average consumer.

How Do You Find Popular Search Terms?

To find which search terms are the most popular, the five most commonly-used selling points used when selling trucks and SUVs are compared directly: engine specs, capability, safety features, towing capacity, and interior.

Google Trends Popular Truck and SUV Specs

Clearly, towing capacity is the most popular search term for trucks and SUVs by a large margin, with interior being the second most popular. This information confirms that truck and SUV owners are most concerned with comfort and performance. These results make complete sense, considering the utilitarian purpose-built nature of trucks and the people-moving capacity of SUVs.

Google Trends Popular SUV Specs
Google Trends Popular Truck Specs

However, if you refine your category further to simply “SUVs,” you can see that interior is actually more popular than towing capacity, and vice versa when the category is changed to simply “trucks.” Another statistic to note is the increased interest in safety features when looking at SUVs as opposed to trucks. These two differences are surely due to the owner of an SUV being more likely to haul friends and family members as opposed to, say, lumber.

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