Visualize Your Data Using Google Data Studio

At the end of every month, businesses want to examine how they’ve performed. Google Data Studio is the perfect tool to visualize your data for free. Getting introduced to Google Data Studio is simple and fast to display your data with graphs and where exactly you can pull them from. As well as how to connect from different data sources and sharing your reports with clients.

What is Google Data Studio?

Every business wants to see how their website performing in either an illustration or through numerical data. Google provides a free tool called Google Data Studio that allows you to create reports and dashboards that assist in the visualization of the data for your clients. You can easily pull in your clients data from Google Analytics, as well as Facebook data and put it into reports. You can showcase your data through bar graphs, pie charts, bubble graphs and data tables.

Each of these graphs below are different ways to present your data.

Google Data Studio

How to Use Google Data Studio

Instead of having to create the reports from scratch, you can create them using different data sources you’ve already created. One example is Google Analytics, which you can connect with data sets such as Google Ads, Display, Sheets, and YouTube. It’s not limited to Google products, but can connect to databases such as MySQL and BigQuery.

To make it easier to read and make your reports look clean, you can display different aspects of your business on multiple pages. Such as separating mobile vs. desktop and Facebook Data vs. Youtube data, as shown below.

Google Data Studio

Why use Google Data Studio?

Using Google Data Studio lets you update your report dynamically using a date range controller allowing you see live data. This makes the reporting task easier, so you don’t have to make reports every month. You can also copy and edit a report already made in Google Data Studio instead of having to start from the beginning.

Sharing reports with clients is very easy. At the top right corner of your screen, there is a share button next to the edit button which allows you to share the report. Anyone who has the link is able to view and/or edit depending if they have the permissions to do so. An example can be found below on how to share your report.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a great tool to showcase your data through the variety of graphs that are available. You can pull your data in from a variety of sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook, and Youtube. Lastly, Google Data Studio makes the reporting task easier which allows you to see your data live.

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