A Users Guide To Real Time Reports

Wouldn’t it be great to see what users are doing on your website right now? Real time reports in Google Analytics provide instant visibility to your visitors, such as how they arrived, where they came from, and if they’re converting. It is a report in Google Analytics that can help with moment to moment data for your website. In this blog, you will learn different website metrics you can view with real time reports and why Real Time Report is important for your business.

If you aren’t too familiar with web analytics, learn more about it here.

What can you view with Real Time Reports?

  • Overview – The overview page gives you an overall picture of what is happening in any given moment on your site. View the number of active users on your site right now, the device they’re using (i.e., mobile, tablets, computers) and the country in which they are located.
  • Locations – View where these active users are located at a global level. You can filter this all the way down to city level. This is great to know where your audience is searching from.
  • Traffic Sources – How did you acquire these users? Did they arrive on your website organically or via direct, social, or paid search? With traffic sources you can discover these answers.
  • Content – On the content page you can see which pages active users are on at the moment and and as much as 30 minutes prior.
  • Conversions – View what conversions, such as, filling a form or a phone call, are happening at the moment on your website. If you click on a specific goal or conversion it will bring you to the page where they converted.

Why are Real Time Reports important?

  • Simplicity. If you are new to Google Analytics, real time reports are a perfect starting point to learning about the different metrics to measure your website data.
  • You can conduct maintenance on your site. Check to see if your tags are tracking correctly. These tags can be for new conversions/events/goals you’ve added.
  • Get visible data on important days/times like holidays or when you launch a promotion/special for your business. On days you expect high volume, take a look at how users interact and to determine if changes should be made to achieve your marketing goals.

Real time reports provide answers to what your users are doing on your website at the moment; they can also help you discover important metrics for meeting your business goals. Have Aronson help set up your Google Analytics and start using real time reports to see how users are reacting now. Give us a call today: (847) 297-1700.

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