Two Simple Tricks to Improve UX on Your Website

Content is king. This is one of the first rules ingrained into anyone working in SEO. Whether you’re the business proprietor or the marketing agency helping to drive organic traffic for a business, you have likely worked very hard to create the best content possible for your site’s pages to have Google rank you as high as possible and help users get a clear understanding of your pages intent. However, no matter how good of a job you did at targeting your audience and writing efficient content, all work will go down the drain if the page isn’t visually appealing and correctly developed to further engage users.

As we pass further into the digital age, the attention span of users becomes shorter, which means there is greater emphasis on a page’s developer to create the best possible UX, or user experience. Not only does this keep the user on the page for as long as possible, but it also drives them down the marketing funnel and potentially converts your users into paying customers.

There are many ways to improve UX on your site. Below you will discover two very simple strategies that you can implement today!

Partner your content with corresponding images

Let’s say the intent of the page you are developing is to showcase or inform your user of a product or service. Hopefully, you will have already written your content to include all the necessary keywords for the page to properly target your desired audience. You’d be happy to know that Google rewards pages for writing concise content, but unfortunately, users may not be that forgiving. No matter how well written, a wall of text will likely bore the user and force them to either abandon your page or even the whole site. Try to incorporate appropriate images that are not only visually pleasing but also enhance the content as well. If you are writing about the towing capabilities of a new truck, incorporate glamor images of said truck towing everything it is able to. This may seem incredibly simple but there are many sites who don’t even think to do this. Following this bit of advice will boost your user’s experience and give you a leg up on the competition.

Think about your layout and how your user will interact with it

When you bring a user onto your page, your goal should be to present your content in the most interactive and visually pleasing way possible. We’ve already talked about how a wall of text may not be the best way to present your content with images being a great asset. However, including images may not be enough in some cases to keep users on your page. Consider using filters, tabs, or even an image gallery to not only condense your content, but also have users actually interact with your page. Let’s say you are a dealership showcasing a new model vehicle. Consider hiding your content behind a tabbed layout, forcing the user to click on each tab to unveil the information they are looking for (instead of just displaying all of your content in a wall of images and text). This will not only clean up the visual appeal of your page, but also keep users on your page which will increase your session time and decrease bounce rate!

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