Tips for Sharing Unique Content on Social Media

According to Brandwatch, there are over 60 million active business pages on Facebook. We know it can be tough to create social media posts that make your dealership stand out amongst the crowd. Luckily, the social media team at Aronson Advertising is here to help! Our experts highlighted the top four practices that have brought awareness, website traffic, and conversions to our current clients in this blog below.

1. Unique Images

Images are the driving force behind the success of your social media campaigns. The Social Media Examiner performed a study that determined a post with an image is ten times more likely to receive engagement than a post that doesn’t have an image. Although, merely posting stock images with your content is not enough to grab a user’s eye. Posting images that are unique to your dealership allows users to get a peek behind the curtain and better understand the culture of your business. Additionally, adding brand info to pictures can go a long way towards campaign success. For example, inserting phone numbers, business logos, and website information on an image can capture attention as well as inform your audience. Next time you’re sharing across social platforms, try to add a personal twist to your images and watch engagement skyrocket.

2. Custom Landing Pages (CLPs)

Publishing fresh and updated content is crucial to obtaining and keeping your target market’s attention. Dealerships should constantly be improving their website to include car reviews, model comparisons, and informational pages about the latest vehicles. Once these pages are live on your site, social media marketers should post these custom pages across all platforms to inform followers about the new year’s lineup. Posting new content ensures that you’re not republishing stale or overused information. When buyers are coming close to a purchase decision, they will remember the helpful content shared on your social media page and convert with your dealership.

3. Content About Employees

A terrific way to introduce potential customers to your team is through social media. Purchasing a new vehicle at a dealership requires a certain level of trust in the salesperson. Sharing hobbies, automotive experience, and fun information about your team can make potential buyers more comfortable purchasing from your dealership. Monthly “Meet Our Staff” posts, sales accomplishments, or employee anniversaries can go a long way towards building your sales staff’s credibility. Allowing followers a peak behind the curtain can build trustworthiness amongst your staff and attract more car shoppers.

4. Responding to Users

A number of business pages share content regularly, but don’t interact with their followers. This leaves your page with no personality and deters fans from engaging. Our social team recommends encouraging user engagement and responding to inquiries from individuals. Fielding questions about prices, asking trivia questions, and general pleasantries are a few ways your dealership can interact with followers. Regularly checking for, and responding to, social comments is a great way to give your page character and encourage further engagement during the vehicle purchase process.

Our social media team has tested and perfected these strategies for clients all over the country. To see how we implement these practices, check out our posts on Facebook, Instagram, (@AronsonAdvertising) and Twitter (@AronsonAds). If you’re looking for a team of social experts to handle your dealership’s posts, contact Aronson Advertising at (847) 297-1700 or click here:! Our team is constantly analyzing the social landscape and tweaking strategies to ensure your content stays on top.

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