The Anatomy Of A Perfect Google Ad

Getting a product or brand in front of an audience is key for any business, and the message relayed is just as important. Whether it’s an ad fit for TV, print, or digital, if it doesn’t stand out, then it may as well not run at all. For paid search ads, the competition is fierce and the best way to separate yourself from the crowd is to put together the best ad available to you. The following is (almost) everything that can comprise a Google ad and the elements that make it so important.

The Headline

Arguably the most important part of any ad is the headline. It might hold the fewest characters, but each and every one is vital to grabbing a user’s attention. The more mundane it is, the less people will be willing to click on it. The more enticing it is, the greater likelihood of a higher click-through-rate even without holding the first position.

AdWords Headline/Desc

A positive change recently added, Google now offers three headlines – instead of two. One thing to note, however, is that the third headline is not guaranteed to show. It’s typically reserved only for those ads that hold the top spots in a search, so keep that in mind when creating your ad.

AdWords Ad Template

The Description

While the headline is the icing on the cake, the description is the cake itself. Here, a more expansive message can be relayed, giving details or additional offers. Much like the headline, a second description was recently added. However it too isn’t guaranteed to show in every ad.

AdWords Headline/Desc

The Extensions

Just as it sounds, these extensions give the ad more opportunity to capture the user. Not only do they help with quality scores, but the more extensions there are, the larger the ad grows, pushing the competition further down the page. Some examples of ad extensions include:

Call Extension

Displays a phone number, allowing people to call directly from the ad. This offers convenience to those not wanting or willing to visit your site in order to call.

AdWords Phone Extension

Sitelink Extension

Allows additional links to be included with the ad, leading the user to various pages on the website.

AdWords Sitelink Extension

Callout Extension

Great for either highlighting text you want to stand out or which might not fit within the headline or description. Note that these do not include a link and have limited characters available.

AdWords Callout Extension

Structured Snippet Extension

Create a list from a predetermined header which will help give the customer more details about your products or services.

AdWords Structured Snippet Extension

Price Extension

Showcase prices of certain items available for sale. This helps attract those users that are in the buying-phase.

AdWords Price Extension

Location Extension

Link up with Google My Business and allow potential customers to view your location and receive directions to your place of business. Creating a location extension will also make you eligible to receive store visits.

AdWords Location Extension

There is undoubtedly more and more competition in the digital space now than there has ever been before – so keeping yourself ahead of the crowd is of utmost importance. Creating an ad with everything available to you will be key in capturing new business and staying atop the search results page.

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