Tailoring Your Dealership’s Social Posts To Your Audience

In social media marketing, one size does not fit all, especially in the realm of the competitive automotive space. There is not a definitive style for social posting that guarantees engagement and leads for your business. Instead, each individual dealership has their own unique identity that they desire to portray to current and potential clients. The social media team at Aronson Advertising has refined and mastered their posting strategies to ensure automotive dealers are represented accurately and in an original way. Continue reading to see how our experts navigate manufacturer regulations, insert keywords and call-to-actions in social posts, and leverage analytics to ensure the correct message is being delivered to the target audience.


One of the keys to social posting is ensuring that your content not only passes OEM compliance, but also compliments official brand posts. Being in-tune with automotive co-op guidelines is crucial to posting approved content. One must be familiar with words and phrases that are prohibited by manufacturers in order not to tarnish or discount a brand’s image. For example, luxury brand posts typically call for phrases and word choice that represents elegance, rather than pushing discounts and monthly specials. Upscale manufacturers require marketers to avoid “distress advertising”, which includes terms such as “clearance” and “special purchase” to prevent content from degrading the quality of their cars. Certain manufacturers prefer overall social media goals focused on engagement and interest, rather than offers and vice versa with different carmakers. Being familiar with and closely following co-op guidelines ensures OEM-approved content and aligns your social accounts with the official page, creating a united brand message.

Identifying and Talking to your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is a must in the social realm. A teenager buying their first car most likely does not look for the same characteristics in a dealership that an affluent individual in search of a collector vehicle does. Our experienced social team leverages Google Analytics and Facebook data to identify demographics and psychographics of likely car buyers. Crafting creative content, pictures, and videos allows marketers to appeal to their target audience in a unique way. For example, vehicles with high safety ratings and room for many passengers generally call for family-related content and speaking to parents directly. In that instance, it’s imperative to highlight those key features using content that is relatable to those searching for more space and a safe ride. Being able to identify and relate with your target demographic will boost engagement and drive traffic to your landing pages.


Keywords and calls-to-action (CTAs) play a pivotal role in any good dealership social page. A crafty social media marketer will utilize keywords that are prevalent throughout a landing page to optimize their social post. This not only creates a unified brand image, but also makes your posts easy to find when users perform a social search. When paired with clear CTAs, the social post becomes a powerful weapon for your dealership to attract and retain customers. Is your social page taking the time to create original and target-focused content? If not, see how the social team at Aronson Advertising Inc. can boost engagement and drive leads to your automotive dealership with customized social messages. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@AronsonAdvertising), and Twitter (@AronsonAds) to see these strategies in use!

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