September Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month Parking Sign
Each month, Aronson Advertising selects three individuals from different departments to name as Employee of the Month! These exceptional employees receive the ability to park in the highly coveted Employee of the Month parking spots just steps from our main entrance. This month’s winners were Joe Cinquegrani, an SEO Specialist, Amanda Melendez, an Account Coordinator, and Patrick Kelly, a Senior Graphic Designer. I wanted to get to know these individuals a little better, and learn about what makes them model team members.  

Patrick Kelly

Senior Graphic Designer Patrick has been with Aronson since May of 2011. He jokes, telling me he is deemed “senior because I’m old…double nickel”. His favorite part of his job is really getting into a good project, because “the day flies by”. When he found out he won Employee of the Month, he makes me laugh saying, “I wondered if I could sell it to the highest bidder for cash.” But overall, he was pleased.  

Amanda Melendez

Amanda has worked at Aronson Advertising just shy of a year. When she started, she recalls feeling “very intimidated and overwhelmed at first”, because she had never worked at an advertising agency before. However, she quickly found that her favorite part “is the people I get to work with on a daily basis. Everyone on my team has their own accounts and it gets very busy but they all are willing to help one another.” This sense of teamwork Amanda has empowers her because “I can rely on my peers and they can rely on me too”. While she thought Marty, her supervisor, deserved of the Employee of the Month title, she is proud to be recognized.  

Joe Cinquegrani

Joe has been at Aronson for four months. As a newer employee, he felt “slightly embarrassed” when he found out he received the employee of the Month title, because he is not one who likes attention. He also felt great pride to represent the SEO department because of the incredible work they have done in recent months. Joe tells me his favorite part of his job as an SEO Specialist is, “that it is so unforgiving, difficult, and at times seemingly random. But, along with those challenges it is also greatly rewarding, if you put in the effort”. He goes on to say, “The entire senior SEO team here at Aronson has been exceptional mentors, especially for someone who had not worked at an advertising agency before.”  
Pictured from left to right: Patrick Kelly, Amanda Melendez, Joe Cinquegrani
  Who will win the title of October Employee of the Month? As the weather begins to chill, having a coveted parking spot near the door certainly becomes an advantage. Do you have what it takes to earn a spot as Employee of the Month at Aronson Advertising? Give us a call at (847) 297-1700 to learn more about what our agency has to offer.

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