Aronson Advertising Pets & the Pandemic

It’s no secret that working from home involves lots of quality time with other members of the household, including pets. These furry or scaly “co-workers” can brighten up your day, keep you motivated during particularly challenging projects, and just look adorable “sleeping on the job.” And they inspire us to become amateur pet photographers in an effort to capture their every move. Fellow Aronson Advertising employees were all too happy to share photos of their family pets and stories of their antics, which you can view below!

A black, silver, and white dog is looking over her shoulder at the camera. She is standing outside next to melting snow and is wearing a red collar.

Nala the Dog

Pictured in the introduction photo, Nala is a gorgeous black, white, and silver dog with expressive liquid eyes. “Since we got her at the beginning of the pandemic, she has only known us staying with her all the time. She has been more spoiled than any of my other dogs,” said Senior SEO Strategist Matthias Warren. “Something funny she likes to do is stare at people from the window. She could spend five to ten minutes staring at cars that pass by or our neighbors doing yard work with only her little head sticking out the window.”

An orange cat is asleep with one paw over his mouth.

Brewsky the Cat

“One of my cats, Brewsky, was very attached to me before the pandemic, and he absolutely loves me working from home. He’s usually either on my lap or beside me while I’m working,” said Senior Social Media Strategist Heidi Carpenter. In addition to Brewsky, she has two other cats. She says that Brewsky gets “quite upset” when she goes out. “When he sees me putting on clean jeans and shoes, or applying makeup, then he knows I’m going somewhere else and he starts making sad eyes at me. He follows me to the door and looks quite bummed out.” Brewsky is a gorgeous golden color and looks like a sleeping lion.

Brewsky passed away in January 2022. He was 18 years old.

A tabby cat is standing on a porch ledge. In the background, you can see blue skies and a tree.

Kirby the Cat

Kirby the tabby cat is quite the character. Described as an “attention hog” by his human Content Writer Jen Moulton, he enjoys getting into mischief. As she told it, “He loves to be the center of attention, so when I’m not paying attention to him and am focusing on work, he likes to get into trouble — like he’ll try to jump on top of my fridge, scratch the couch, bite and rip up my mail, get the zoomies, etc.” Since he is not a fan of harness and leash, he is mostly an indoor cat, though Jen does note that she sometimes allows him to go outside on her mom’s porch.

An Ori-Pei dog lays on the floor of a garage. A person's leg is seen behind the dog.

Oscar the Dog

Oscar is a lovely golden “Ori-Pei, half Shar-Pei and half pug,” said Content Manager Kayla Kinney. He is owned by her parents. Kayla and her husband would occasionally visit her parents to enjoy “Garage-a-palooza,” an open-garage gathering that allowed her family to spend time together while staying safe before the vaccines were widely available. “Oscar would sit out there with us, and I loved every minute of it. He’s going to be 13 this year, so I felt lucky to be able to see him whenever we had the chance to!” said Kayla.

A long hair German Shepherd sits outside in a fenced yard. Her tongue is hanging out and she is wearing a pink bow around her neck.

Raina the Dog

Described as a “velcro dog” by Webmaster Manager Jessica Eugene, Raina the long hair German Shepherd loves being close to her humans 24/7. “She enjoys looking out the window and watching everything that is happening outside — we call it her TV.” In addition, she loves playing in her newly fenced-off yard. Her favorite activities are chasing the ball and greeting her dog friends on the other side of the fence.

As these stories illustrate, having pets for “co-workers” can be a rewarding experience filled with smiles and laughter. But not to worry, we have plenty of human co-workers too, and are looking to add to our team! If you think you would be a good fit for one of the available positions at Aronson Advertising, please take a look at our current openings

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