The Importance of a Paid Search Branding Campaign loaded on tablet pc

No one enjoys paying for something they could theoretically get for free.

Since ‘the beginning’, Paid Search Branding Campaigns have gotten the evil eye from many businesses. All too often, business owners say:
“It’s a waste of money”
“Costs too much”
“Should come up with the first result via Organic listing”

In all actuality, those perceptions are far from the truth, with the occasional exception organic listings. In fact, Branding Campaigns:

  • Bring in the most leads
  • Have the lowest Cost-Per-Click of any other campaign
  • Block other companies from stealing business

Yes, the competition is bidding on your business’ name, and even the greatest Organic ranking can’t stop them. Protecting yourself is of utmost importance, and the following are reasons why the Branding Campaign should be automatically added to any paid search strategy.


Playing Defense

A solid defense can be a good offense, and in the case of Branding Campaigns, nothing could be more right. The necessity of defending your own ‘turf’ is on full display here, and while branding campaigns may seem worthless, they’re actually the most worthwhile.

  • Competitors will use Paid Search to move ahead of your Organic results
  • Your main objective is to stay on top
  • Keep potential customers away from the competition
  • A higher Quality Score will give you the advantage – a lower cost-per-click


Below is an example of a Branding Campaign from April 2019, and the number of leads it brought in:

The following, also from April 2019, is insight into what the competition is doing in regards to bidding on YOUR brand keywords:

  • In just 1 month, 2 competitors have shown an estimated 3,727 and 3,216 times respectively, when YOUR store name is searched for
  • Without a Branding campaign, that’s 3,700+ opportunities for the competition to take away business from YOU


The SEO Team at Aronson Advertising is well-versed in how to secure the first organic position for many highly-searched terms. However, if your area is ripe with competition, then you can bet they’ll be after you.


The Cheapest Ad You Can Buy

Competition can be high for any popular keyword, which typically equates to a higher cost. However, Branding Campaigns are unique in that no one other than your business can get a high quality score AND low cost-per-click. That reason is because no one is able to use your business’ name in an ad other than you. The result of this is:

  • Higher Quality Score = Low Cost-Per-Click
  • Low Cost-Per-Click = Higher Impression Share
  • Higher Impression Share = Less opportunity for competition to steal potential customers


Great Numbers

Just by looking at the example above, the Branding campaign will undoubtedly:

  • Drive Quality Traffic
  • Bring In Multiple Leads
  • Return a Very Low Cost/Lead

Remember, these people are specifically looking for YOU! Whether they’re a returning or potential customer, they’re looking to give you their business.

Let them.


The Answer Is Simple

Even the experts agree. Thomas Stern, via Search Engine Land, writes “By relying on the strength of a brand and integrating branded search tactics with current non-branded search strategies, your business can discover more qualified leads – and, as a result, increase conversions.” No one WANTS to have to pay for their own name, but without doing so, the repercussions could be substantial. By utilizing the Branding Campaign, you will:

  • Capture those who are looking for YOU
  • Prohibit the competition from stealing them away
  • Turn into a number of leads that will be WELL worth the investment


The Paid Search Team at Aronson Advertising is Google & Bing Certified, and has years of SEM experience. If you’re needing help with your Paid Search advertising, or anything in the digital or traditional marketing space, contact the experts at Aronson Advertising in Schaumburg, IL, online or by calling (847) 297-1700.

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