November Employees of the Month

Every employee at Aronson Advertising is dedicated and hardworking and each month, we make sure to recognize the employees who go above and beyond. For November, we’ve decided to award Bo Suksengdow, Brandon John Carini, and Alejandro Amoa as Employees of the Month. Read below to learn a little more about our Employees of the Month.

Alejandro Amoa

Alejandro works as an account coordinator at Aronson Advertising. A recent moment that made him appreciate his job was when he saw a commercial produced by Aronson Advertising broadcasted. He is looking forward to enjoying his friends and family at Thanksgiving before Christmas shopping begins. He loves cranberry sauce that’s made from scratch and believes it’s an essential staple of the Thanksgiving meal. He would also like to add that Androids are better than iPhones as a personal statement. He asks that you don’t @ him at this time.

Bo Suksengdow

Bo is a Web Analyst at Aronson Advertising. His favorite part of the job is looking at data and analyzing numbers. For Thanksgiving, he is looking forward to eating great food and spending time with family members that he hasn’t seen in a while. He thinks cranberry sauce is okay, but cranberry vodka is better.

Brandon John Carini

Brandon spends his time enjoying his work as a graphic designer at Aronson Advertising. He likes designing automotive advertising and admires the fast pace of the company. This year, he is excited about his family’s deep-fried turkey. He, however, is not a fan of cranberry sauce.

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