National vs. Local SEO Strategies

Both national and local SEO strategies have their benefits, but one may be better depending on your business goals. How your page ranks on search engines depends on many factors such as content, back-link profile, mobile friendliness, and domain. Your ranking can also change depending on if you’re going after national or local audiences. In this blog, I will be explaining the differences between national and local SEO strategies and which strategy would work for your business.

National SEO

If you want to reach a broad audience, then national SEO is your best bet. National SEO works for businesses that don’t depend on foot traffic. A national SEO strategy includes more general keywords and is a lengthy process. For instance, if you’re doing marketing for Ford Motor Company’s new model release, you would want to target a broad audience in order to spread the news. In this case, Ford may want to go after users who search for “new 2021 trucks.” A national SEO strategy would also work for companies who have niche products or have little competition. For the former case, your local audience may not be big enough to solely rely on a local SEO strategy. A national SEO strategy can also help with brand recognition, but an unknown company would be at a disadvantage, because it would be competing for mindshare alongside more well known brands. This is where local SEO comes in.

Local SEO

Local SEO can help increase exposure within certain communities where your ideal or likely customers reside. Local SEO can be less competitive due to the limited amount of businesses that you’re competing against. If your audience also depends on the products or services you offer to be within their community or a nearby location, then local SEO is right for you. Your business can receive more qualified leads when you apply a local SEO strategy, since locals are more likely to visit your business. If you’re a Ford dealer in Los Angeles, you may want to target “Ford trucks in Los Angeles.”

If you do decide to target local audiences, you can also make your messaging or content more personal. A user searching for a Ford model in Los Angeles is going to have different needs than a user searching for a Ford model in Vermont. A person living in Vermont is more likely to be interested in a Ford that’s great for winter driving. By understanding the needs of a local audience, you can create content that’s more appealing to the customer.

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Which Should I Choose?

Competition, goals and desired outcomes, and business strategy all play a part in deciding whether a national or local SEO strategy would be a good fit. If you’re a new and/or small business looking to get exposure around your area, then a local SEO strategy would be the optimal choice. Ready to get started? Our team at Aronson Advertising is here to help you with all of your SEO needs! Give us a call at (847) 297-1700.

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