January 2018 Employees of the Month

Every month at Aronson Advertising, we like to shine the light on three of our team members who have gone above and beyond for our company, and celebrate them with an “Employee of the Month” award. This month, we’ve given the honor to Charlie Bardwell, Desiree Blosser, and Thomas Burkholder, all of whom have proven their dedication to our company’s goals and ideals. Read on to learn more about each of our January recipients below!

Charlie Bardwell: PPC Team

Husband and father Charlie Bardwell has been an integral part of the PPC team for close to a year now. As Aronson Advertising is a larger company than what he’s accustomed to, Charlie enjoys the fact that, “working with a larger group of people opens the door for more collaboration – collecting a great amount thoughts and ideas on any number of work-related topics.” In fact, his favorite part of the job is, “working with a great group of people. Everyone [at Aronson Advertising] is fantastic, but [he] absolutely [loves the] PPC team – they’re truly the best.”

If you’d like to learn more about what Charlie has to say about paid search ad extensions, take a look his blog post, Paid Search Ad Extensions Explained.

Desiree Blosser: Account Coordinator

A recent graduate of St. Ambrose University, Desiree has been a beloved team member at Aronson Advertising for four months. Aside from enjoying the day-to-day activity that comes with being an Account Coordinator, Desiree loves the fact that she, “[doesn’t] do the same thing every day.” She also loves her fellow coworkers, proclaiming, “Everyone is so nice here!”

Thomas Burkholder: Production Team

A member of the Aronson Advertising production team for close to a year, Thomas has been in the video production world as far back as he can remember. Aronson Ads is the largest company Thomas has worked for, saying that:

“[He enjoys] working for a bigger company that has a larger family of coworkers. While [he’s] been working on television commercials for automotive clients for many years, every new TV spot is handcrafted and unique. With the new clients here at Aronson, [his] work is that much more diverse and always a challenge. Being able to work on new projects is probably [his] favorite thing about [his] job.”

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