Integrated Marketing Communications In The Digital Age

The proliferation of web-connected technologies such as smartphones, tablets, and voice devices in the past decade has greatly expanded the amount of touchpoints consumers have with brands. An oft-cited Google case study shows that a car-buyer’s path can include over 900 brand interactions before purchase.1 This vast increase has lead to a greater responsibility in managing brand communications across so many new and expanding media platforms. Maintaining an integrated communication strategy as the brand evolves to include both traditional and digital media is essential to remain on-message across all marketing channels.

What Is “Integrated Marketing Communications”?

By “integrated marketing communications”, or IMC, we simply mean that the advertising message is relevant and consistent to consumers no matter where they are at – whether viewing a national spot on television or a text advertisement on Google. At Aronson Advertising, we continually strive to make all of our marketing collateral align with the original equipment manufacturer’s brand message to provide the best brand-to-customer experience.

For example, our luxury automotive clients are supplied with advertising copy that reflects the elevated integrity of the brand. Instead of calls-to-action requesting users to “Save Big On A New Car”, we communicate the same core message in terms more befitting the target demographic: “Explore Our Attractive Offers On NewModels”.

What Does IMC Look Like?

A more specific automotive example can be found with the Jaguar brand. Jaguar’s mission and vision are clearly spelled out on the company homepage:

Jaguar lifestyle magazine

“Quintessentially British, it was created by some of the finest design and engineering minds of the time. Today we have a long history of building performance cars with outstanding design and a unique driving feel—instantly recognizable cars that set the pulse racing.”

It’s easy to trace these core values throughout Jaguar’s marketing materials. Brand spokespeople include British actors Sir Ben Kingsley and Tom Hiddleston. Branded social media posts reinforce the design and performance of the Jaguar model lineup, as well as using “exhilaration” as synonymous for “pulse racing”. Jaguar is a prime example of how a luxury automotive brand can maintain an integrated marketing communications approach across digital channels.

Jaguar Twitter example
Jaguar Facebook example

What Are The Benefits Of Using IMC?

The benefits of such a strategy are multifold. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is increased by maintaining a consistent message throughout the customer’s purchase and ownership lifetime. This translates to brand loyalty, a fiercely competitive performance indicator in the automotive space, particularly for luxury brands.

Another benefit of an integrated marketing approach is that a brand message expands to a complete dialogue with the consumer. Particularly in the age of social media, consumers are able to publicly communicate back-and-forth with brands on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, even more platforms are evolving to require constant brand communication to provide the best customer service and reputation; these emerging platforms include Yelp, DealerRater, and Google My Business.

How Does One Use IMC?

To succeed across so many social and review platforms requires an agile social team that can adapt to a variety of consumer interactions all while remaining on-message and on-brand. Doing so effectively creates a sense of inclusiveness for the consumer and is yet another boost to brand loyalty.

To be most effective, exceptional work from SEO, SEM and SMM teams is required to achieve synergistic results. This is exactly the strategy that Aronson Advertising employs. Each digital team complimenting each other’s work to communicate core brand values integrally.

There is no doubt that the number, variety, and speed in which new digital touchpoints appear can seem daunting to manage under an umbrella of integrated marketing communications. Thankfully, the digital team at Aronson Advertising is equipped with talented experts to maintain integrated brand communications while driving qualified leads to your business. Contact us today to learn more about what our agency can do to help you achieve your marketing goals.



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