Improve Your Ad With Message Extensions

Along with all other types of extensions, message extensions show alongside an advertiser’s ad on the search engine results page to generate leads. Along with call extensions, message extensions are a way for potential customers to connect with companies like dealerships directly. The value of Ad extensions is constantly increasing because Google continues to offer new types of extensions to efficiently serve the user and advertiser. In relation to Aronson Advertising, a potential customer would have the opportunity to request a service or schedule a test drive at the advertised dealership through a message extension.

Top Reasons To Implement Message Extensions

1. An advertiser may increase exposure to their ads at no additional cost.
2. Message extensions make an ad more desirable to click on, thus increasing the click-through-rate (CTR).
3. Utilizing message extensions is an easy way to grow your business by making the process simple for customers to contact your business.
4. Message extensions are simple to create and can be shared across an entire campaign.

What Is Needed To Create A Message Extension?

As stated by Google, viewers are more likely to send a text message than to call, which is a perfect reason to add message extensions to your campaign. A message extension can be created once an advertiser has four things:
• Extension Text: The text that will appear on the SERP alongside your ad (35 characters).
• Business Name: 1-25 characters to provide your business name.
• Phone Number: The number that viewers will send their text message to. This number cannot be the business landline, and must be a number that can receive text messages.
• Message Text: The text that automatically appears after a viewer clicks on your extension. This message is used to help users begin a conversation with your sales team.


How Is The Performance?


We already know that message extensions can improve the CTR for ads, but how much improvement? According to Google, on average, CTR on ads with extensions have 50% higher performance than a stand-alone ad. Data also shows that message extensions are almost as good as call extensions. Message extensions hold an average mobile CTR of 6.4% while call extensions are 6.8%. Aside from click-through-rate, message extensions can improve the relevancy of an ad along with the Quality Score.

Google Is Working On Improvements

Message extensions are still up and coming and Google is currently working on advancements. Unlike call extensions, Google is unable to track texts from message extensions as a conversion in Google Ads. Advertisers can still see how many people view and click their message extensions providing date for CTR.

In Conclusion:

Message extensions perform as a strong component to support Ads because the value of Ad extensions is always increasing. Google is constantly changing and it is important to stay up-to-date on the best possible way to improve the quality of Ads.

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