How to Write the Perfect Blog Post for Your Company

So your boss has tasked you with producing the next post for your company’s blog. Whether you already have a topic in mind or are scraping a post together at the last minute, there are three key aspects that you will need to consider to succeed. The following tips could mean the difference between a post that drives conversions, and one that drives users away from your company’s blog.

  • Have an angle that matters to your readers

Think about the aspects of your post that matter most to your target audience. If you’re looking to attract small business owners, focus on how your advice provides greater revenue. If your company needs to recruit new talent, focus on what matters most to a prospective candidate.

Let’s say the goal of your post is to build authority on a particular topic for your industry. You have to include multiple interesting angles to offer comprehensive answers to questions. For example, the team at Aronson Advertising recently created a blog post titled ‘5 Way to Spot a Fake SEO Agency’, and provided a complete guide to how to tell the pretenders from the real agencies.

  • Keep the structure simple

Don’t go overboard with tags, images, or calls to action. Readers have come to your blog wanting to find the answers they need. Let them read clean, short paragraphs that are broken up by relevant headers. Massive blocks of text and a lack of clarity in the titles of each section are more likely to turn a reader off and lose them.

Users have come to expect calls to action that come at the right time in the post. Asking a user to become a lead or an applicant before you’ve clearly stated your case won’t generate the conversions you expect.

  • Back up your points with data or other info

Having a well-thought out topic backed by actual hard numbers is the ideal way to convince and convert. However, there are other sources you can use to state your case. Testimonials from customers, quotes from industry experts, and influencer opinions can sway readers to your business and turn them into a lead.

Every argument you make has to be backed by either empirical evidence or insights that your reader wants. Adding data or actual expert or consumer testimony only strengthens the point you’re trying to make.

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