Personalizing Personas: How to Turn Data Points into Definitive People


At Aronson Advertising, we pride ourselves on understanding your target audience, having the ability to decipher what type of product they’re interested in. Thanks to ever-changing technology, Google Analytics has made it easier to discern the type of consumer visiting your site, especially their specific interests. Here, we highlight why grasping your data points and building strong customer personas can earn your site authentic visitors and a better conversion rate. Continue reading to discover how personalization of your data can change your understanding of the market.

Affinity Categories & Assumptions

When analyzing your website’s Google Analytics, you can discover affinity categories inside the behavior and interests tab. While other tabs like demographics and geography will give you a baseline understanding of your persona, the real personalization comes down to what you find with insights of your consumer. Listed below are some of the popular affinity categories that can help you make assumptions about your visitors.

Value Shoppers

Most people are looking for a bargain, but what does a value shopper truly tell you about your consumer and how to advertise to them? If you have sales pages, coupons, or current offers, these would be important to push to your consumer. You can make the assumption that paying full price for your product may be out of the question for these buyers, so by giving them an option and understanding their needs, you can expect to entice more conversions. 

Home & Garden: DIY

When you see a Home & Garden affinity category, the consumer visiting your website enjoys creating and crafting. This person may enjoy working with their hands to build furniture or craft art pieces to sell as a side project. Depending on the product and services you wish to sell, and by discerning that a large chunk of your consumer is a do-it-yourselfer, you can use language on your website that grabs the attention of those visitors. For example, words like constructing, repurposing, fashioning, or creating might entice these consumers to convert if they believe your business perceives their need.  

Fast Food Cravers

Fast Food Cravers are the on-the-go type of consumer. They want information fast and accessible because they don’t have time to research your entire website for what they’re looking for. These consumers could be family-oriented or heavily business focused, but both of those assumptions end with less time than other consumers may have. By ensuring your website is easy to navigate and has a quick way to convert, you can capture these users and direct them through the funnel without any stress for either party.

Lifestyle & Hobbies: Pet Lovers, Family Focused, and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outside of work, every consumer has a life, but some consumers are a little more focused on their extracurricular activities. If you come across your consumers as being pet lovers, family lovers, or outdoor lovers, you may want to appeal to these sides of your consumer. By choosing words that mention the extracurricular activities that they love, you may appeal to the emotional side of your consumer and convince them to convert.

Let Aronson Advertising Analyze Your Data

The Aronson Advertising team works hard to personalize your data and entice your consumers to convert. No matter the data we have to dig into, you can expect premier research and remarkable service that is sure to affect your goals. If you’re interested in utilizing our services, please reach out to us by calling (847) 297-1700.

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