How to Create a Page That Targets Pet-Friendly Families

Everyone needs a vehicle that’s reliable to take them from point A to point B and depending on the circumstances, who knows what else you’ll need to get there.It’s important for dealerships to have research-specific pages so that you can drive customers to your website and eventually to your dealership. When generating traffic to your website, it’s important to know the various demographics around the area that you’re focusing on to better reach your target audience. As a car dealership, the people you want to attract are anywhere from families to people who are looking for an upgrade from their previous vehicle. Customers who have human babies or fur babies are generally all looking for the same features in a vehicle.

Let’s say that you want to create a page on your website strictly targeting families with pets. You have to identify key features that these families are looking for in a pet-friendly vehicle. Using these tactics, you can get your page to rank both locally and nationally for pet-friendly vehicles.

Getting Your Page Started

Delilah the Boston is enjoying the backseat cover in her owners Vehicle.

When creating a page, here are some of the things that are laid out when creating a page topic/vehicle target, geo that we’ll want to target, as well as H1 and H2s. For the H1 for the specific page we’ll want to add the brand, pet-friendly, types of vehicles and the location. When creating the page, it would be good to know what your targeted users are looking for so you’ll want sections comparing all of the above in the specific vehicles that will be discussed on the page. Families looking for a new pet-friendly ride will be searching for vehicles that are durable, easy to clean, spacious, and comfortable!

Creating Your Page

Once all the research and content is complete, it’s time to create your pet-friendly page. When laying out the content our team optimizes it so that it’s easy to navigate with pictures and buttons that will link to inventory and to the vehicle hubs. This will help your users go deeper into their research and hopefully generate more leads to your dealership!

BIBI the Chihuahua sitting behind his human while going for a joy ride

Knowing what your customers are looking for in a new vehicle can help you better target users when creating pages for your website. Our team optimizes it so that it’s easy. For more information, please contact the team at Aronson Advertising by calling (847) 297-1700 or fill out our online form today!

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