Happy Thanksgiving from Aronson Advertising!

Whether you travel hundreds of miles or simply gather around the table at home, we’re all thankful for the people we share this holiday with. The team at Aronson Advertising isn’t any different! Everyone celebrates this food-filled holiday differently, so we’ve dedicated this blog to acknowledging our delightful traditions. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for all, and the activities that the Aronson team is part of are nothing less.


A lot of our team members are navigating the chilly weather to visit family. Content Writer Katie Winn goes south to celebrate with her dad’s family and to enjoy her grandma’s homemade rolls. Webmaster Ameera Muhammad is taking a nontraditional approach and visiting a boutique hotel downtown called the Stay Pineapple with her son.

You can also expect Aronson Advertising team members to have family stopping by for some good food. Content Manager Kayla Kinney has a cousin who recently moved to Madison, WI, coming to visit. “We didn’t see a lot of each other during our childhoods, so I am really looking forward to spending the holidays with her and making it a new family tradition!”


Thanksgiving is a time of giving for the Aronson Advertising team. Nancy Camp, a member of our Social Media team, helps out at her church and serves food to the homeless. You can find her cooking Puerto Rican “arroz con gandules,” as well as many other dishes to share with her friends and family. Content Writer Jen Moulton volunteers with her family at a company that provides Thanksgiving meals to senior citizens and underprivileged families in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area. “I’m excited to go back and do that this year! And then of course we have a feast of our own later in the day!”

Cooking & Baking

You can’t have Thanksgiving without cooking and baking! SEO Specialist Monica Saraga is excited for her grandma to teach her how to make a Romanian dish called sarmale. Elizabeth Gambino, a member of our Webmaster team, was gearing up to bake a chocolate pecan pie that she’s made every year since she was 12, but thought it was time for something new. “I’ve decided this year I’m going to switch it up. I’m gonna pick a new pie and if it’s a hit I’ll make that for the next decade.”

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