Location Extension Clicks Effect on KPIs

Location Extension Clicks Effect on KPIs

Most dealerships measure their advertising campaign’s success by the number of calls and form submissions received and they miss a very important action that’s not tracked as a conversion, yet it is as valuable as conversions, and that is location extension clicks.

What is location extension?

Location extension is an Ad extension that shows an advertiser’s business address, phone number, and map marker along the Ad text. If a user searched for “Dealership nearby”, they can directly click on the advertiser’s location extension below the main Ad to get the address or map directions.

Why is location extension important?

According to Google’s local search statistics, 88% of consumer local business searches on mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours. Users prefer to access the information they’re looking for quickly (distance, working hours, address,..etc.) which can be fulfilled through location extension. Showing closer distance to the user serves as an advantage when they search for the competitor. Location extension can increase your SERP real estate, showing your business reviews & phone number. Different location extension can serve based on the user’s search query, offering better chances for conversion rate based on the user’s interest or location. Ensuring location extensions are active is required to track stores visits.

How can location extension affect performance?

Because location extension clicks aren’t tracked as conversions at the moment, nor is the time spent on the map, it can affect several overall KPIs such as time on site, conversion rate, cost/con etc.

Therefore, it’s important to check location extension clicks as another key performance indicator and take into consideration when calculating the return on Ad value and optimizing campaigns.

Another report that is important to view, If applicable, is store visits. Having a good number of mobile users clicking on location extension can increase the chances of more tracked store visits as they are tracked for mobile users who had their GPS active at the time they visited the business.

How can I add location extension?

To enable location extensions, you’ll need to link your Google Ads accounts to your Google business account as this is where Google Ads sources the information automatically to create location extensions. Contact our PPC specialists to help you.

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