Google to Serve Search Ads on YouTube’s Search Results Page

Among the many features, tools and Ad types Google constantly introduces in YouTube was the search Ads ability to serve on YouTube’s search results page.

At the beginning of 2019 Google tested serving search Ads on YouTube’s results page on mobile devices, but recently our team has been noticing those Ads serving on desktop devices as well.

We reached out to Google’s support team for details who stated that Ad extensions are not serving at this time. Details on this matter is still limited considering it was recently expanded to serve on computer. We will share another blog with more insights and details once available by official sources.

What does that mean?

It means that we’re not expecting to get calls from Ads, clicks on sitelink extensions, clicks on location extensions nor promotion/ price extensions since none of the Ad extensions are running on YouTube’s search results page.

Then why should I serve my Ads on YouTube’s search results page?

Being able to serve on YouTube allows advertisers to reach users when they’re in their research journey, possibly at an even lower CPC than in Google considering in case of a lower competition as not all advertiser’s search campaigns opt into search network.

Why should I target the user in their research stage?

  • Case studies have shown that optimizing Ads for a complementary mix of media to target users in different stages in their journey had a greater successful leads rate.
  • Our data across several accounts shows how users interact with an Ad when in their research stage and then come back searching for that specific brand when they’re ready to make a purchase.

What can I expect with YouTube search Ads on YouTube’s search results page?

Since we’re targeting users in their research stage, we’re considering engagement metrics rather than conversion metrics.

The goal is being able to connect and interact with the user at an earlier stage by informing them what advantages you can offer, which in return will leave a strong impact on the user to consider your brand in specific when they’re ready to make a decision.

When that happens, the user could land on your website directly or click on your website through organic search results which means the ability to get that user convert at no extra cost.

Interesting fact: the average auto purchase journey takes 90 days! This is a great example to target users in their earlier stage in efforts to gain their trust by the end of their journey at a lower or even no extra cost. (Which can be shown through the non-last-click attribution report).


While there’s an opportunity with search Ads on YouTube’s search results page, there isn’t a way till this moment to serve on YouTube as the only search partner. Hence, you can serve on other websites as well where performance may vary. However, YouTube is still an important platform to reserve your presence on (Through search, display & video Ads) and touchpoint with potential buyers or else your competitors will.

How can I make sure I’m present on YouTube as my competitors who are as well?

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