How The Newest Facebook Algorithmic Change Affects Your Business

In recent months, there have been numerous articles that reported on the privacy issues that cloud Facebook and their entire family of sister social networks (Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.). With CEO, Mark Zukerberg, being called to Congress and questioned over Facebook’s involvement with Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based political data firm that worked directly for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, many Facebook users have been forced to ask themselves, “How will this affect my business?”

It’s no secret that there have been many changes happening throughout Facebook. Recently, social media marketers try the tactic of ‘clickbait’, which is content that is written specifically to attract as many clicks as possible. Social marketers use incorrect images and meta-descriptions to trick social users into engaging with their content. When users click on a specific link or piece of content, they expect to be directed to content that aligns with their expectation. Facebook has made a very important algorithmic change to deplete as much ‘low-quality’ content as possible. So how is ‘low-quality’ content defined? Our social specialists took a deeper dive into how this change is going to affect social media marketing.

Changing what you see on your Facebook News Feed

The most recent algorithmic change has impacted the organic content you engage with. We’ve discovered that a vast array of organic posts from Business Pages will be pushed down, making more room for personal-type posts from your Facebook friends and family. Our social experts have found that if any users flag your content for a specific reason, Facebook will police all content that is related to the original flagged post and will be less likely to show that type of post first.

In conjunction with that, if a specific type of post has a heavy amount of active interactions (comments and shares) from your current Facebook followers, Facebook will review the content for engagement metrics, and apply more weight to those posts. It’s these meaningful interactions that contribute to a higher quality user experience on the platform, thus helping Facebook get back to its roots as a social network.

Stay ahead of the Facebook game

What does this mean for your current social campaigns? Businesses must start adapting to a personal schema that they want to attribute to their brand, and not worry so much about getting as many clicks as you can. Get to know your audience! Social platforms were created to showcase personal stories of friends and family. Engaging with your customers through social media will help improve your presence through social media. If you’re looking to get social with our team, contact us at (847) 297-1700 today!

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