What’s on your desk? – Jeremy H.

Digital Content Specialist Jeremy H. is known for a lot at Aronson Advertising. He’s known for pumping out high quality custom landing pages for his assigned clients. He’s known for loving burgers. He also has a desk that attracts a lot of attention. Jeremy is the clear leader for the most toys in his desk, and he has a large, large lead over the rest of us. We asked him to narrow his list down to his five favorites, and this is how he responded…

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1. Team Grayson (which I’m counting as one toy)

It’s hard to explain exactly why I love Nightwing so much, but he’s my favorite ex-Robin, he’s the strongest non-meta human in the DC universe (apparently), and his costume is awesome. As a result, I have a lot of Nightwing action figures in my life.

2. Lil’ Freddie

INT. Comic Store – Day

Having just purchased a mystery box that contained a lil’ Scream-guy, Jeremy is intrigued by the additional characters available…

Jeremy (Looking at the display box): That lil’ Freddie is super cool. I’d totally buy another one if I knew I was getting Fred.

Nick from Alley Cat Comics: No one’s gotten one yet.

Jeremy (with interest piqued): Well, that’s interesting, there’s only a couple boxes left, too…Ok, let’s see if I can do a little detective work and get me this Freddie.

Jeremy (picks up box one): Hmmm, this one feels a little heavy to be Freddie, I think this one’s Ash from Evil Dead.

Jeremy (picks up box two): This one could be it…

Jeremy picks up box One and box Two and shakes them around a little and inspects the images carefully for shape and potential weight: Ok, I think this one is Freddie (hands Nick box two)

Nick (ringing it up): All right, go for it.

Jeremy (opens the box and feels around a little): I feel a fedora!

Jeremy opens up the dark black plastic package and finds a Freddie!


Aronson Advertising, Jeremy

3. Bender Bending Rodriguez

Futurama has been one of my favorite cartoons since it first aired. There were several times I went into the comic store and didn’t purchase it because it was a little pricey. One day, when I wasn’t doing so well, my brother came home and surprised me with this incredibly awesome Bender figure. It was about a year before I took it out of the packaging, which I still have, because it’s awesome.

Aronson Advertising, Jeremy

4. Doc-Pop!

Back To The Future is one of my favorite movies. I subscribe to a monthly box called “Nerd-Block.” Included with my first purchase, was lil’ Doc and a 1:10 scale model replica hover board. Other than Nightwing, it’s the favorite of my many Funko Pop! figurines.

Aronson Advertising, Jeremy

5. Darth Vader

Aside from The Joker, Darth Vader is my favorite villain of all time. When I was 12, I couldn’t fathom how anyone could be near him without cowering in fear. I got this one for Christmas 2016, and it’s easily one of my favorites to stare at.

Do you want to see Jeremy’s collection in-person? The only way to get access to Jeremy’s toys is to actually work here. Don’t worry, we do have the occasional opening, so contact us to learn more about the latest jobs and apply to work with us and see Jeremy’s collection for yourself!

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