December 2018 Employees of the Month

December Employee of the Month

With the holidays upon us, Aronson Advertising always takes the time to recognize employees who worked tirelessly to flourish on the “nice list.” This month’s occupants of the coveted front and center parking spots and Employee of the Month title include Brandon Carini, Desiree Blosser, and Kayla Kinney. Their hard work truly shines during this most wonderful time of the year!

Desiree Blosser: Account Coordinator

This isn’t Desiree’s first time sitting pretty in the front row parking spot! She’s been with Aronson for a little over a year and has earned Employee of the Month two previous times. Not only does she love her job, but she “likes it because I enjoy feeling needed and like what I do matters.” Her style shines both inside and outside the office, whether she’s line dancing at a country bar or having a wine night with the people she loves. Even during the holidays, her spirit never dims because of her love for how understanding and caring people are this time of year.

Kayla Kinney: SEO Content Specialist

Three and a half years and a passion for her job are the perfect combination for Kayla to find herself as one of our three employees of the month. Writing is her favorite way to communicate and it shows in her day-to-day tasks. “I feel like I best express myself when I’m able to write my thoughts down. It also helps that writing is very fun for me and that I get to use my skill at work!” When Kayla’s not typing away, she’s exploring a new book or new place in the world. The extra days off are Kayla’s favorite part of the holidays and allow her to spend more time with her friends and family.

Brandon Carini: Graphic Artist

Working his way to the top in only three months, Brandon’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed at Aronson Advertising. While striving to be great can be difficult, Brandon finds happiness in what he does because it “allows me to express my creativity and design.” Brandon, when he’s not excelling in graphics, is enamored by the gaming community. With current favorites like Fallout 76, Final Fantasy XV, and Magic the Gathering, he’s got his hands full with either a controller or deck of cards when he’s off the clock. ‘Tis the season for family and good food because Brandon is most excited to get comfy with people he loves and eat the tastiest of dishes this month.

Are you ready to gift yourself with the opportunity to work with our team? Aronson Advertising is hiring and hopes you join us! Browse through our careers page and come rock around the tree with us.

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