A Day In The Life of the Content Team


Have you ever wondered where all the pretty words on all of our pretty pages come from? That would be the content in the digital department! Whether it’s enjoying a pre-game jam session before the day, working hard on custom landing pages or, visiting “The Oasis”, each member of the content team at Aronson Advertising has their own unique way of moving through their daily routine. Read on to learn more about how the content team spends their day.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Jeremy Handel: [su_quote]If I get here early enough, I like to rock out to some music in the parking lot to clear my head and prepare myself for the day.[/su_quote]

Kayla Kinney: [su_quote]I typically try to leave a solid buffer for my commute just in case there are any issues with traffic, so I tend to get to work early. I usually hang out in my car for ten minutes and listen to music, catch up on my personal emails, or sneak in a little reading.[/su_quote]

Ross Eugene: [su_quote]Wake up. Grab a brush, put on a little makeup. (Not really, just shower, brush my teeth, make my lunch and leave).[/su_quote]

Gianna Petan: [su_quote]I normally listen to a podcast on my way into work, while trying to drink a full water bottle before I get to the office.[/su_quote]

How do you start your day? (8:30 – 10:30)

Jeremy Handel: [su_quote]With coffee…definitely with coffee. I typically check emails and the daily recap from the day before. Then, I get my CLP on. Around 10am, I like to visit “The Oasis,” a small concrete and brick structure near the building that is PERFECT for taking a few minutes to chill.[/su_quote]

Kayla Kinney: [su_quote]When I get to my desk, I like to check and answer emails first thing. I’ll also send any edits back to content team members that I wasn’t able to get to the day before. Additionally, I revise and post any pages that I didn’t get to.[/su_quote]

Vicky Szczypkowski: [su_quote]I start the day off by checking emails, reviewing what I did the day before, and my plan for the day.[/su_quote]

Ross Eugene: [su_quote]Check my email then catch up on automotive news on Jalopnik. I select episodes of Top Gear on YouTube or queue up some automotive podcasts to listen to throughout the day. Every Monday there’s a new Regular Car Review up, so that’s a highlight of my Monday and sets a good tone for the week.[/su_quote]

Hannah Powers: [su_quote]Start my day by tracking our monthly progress (in terms of how many packs are in) and sending it to George and Amanda. I do how many pages we have left to do as well, when Matt is out.[/su_quote]

Gianna Petan: [su_quote]I refill my water bottle first thing when I get into work, and then I check my email and review my progress for the month to set the tone for the day.[/su_quote]

What do you find yourself working on mid-morning? (10:30 – 12:00)

Jeremy Handel: [su_quote]This is definitely when I get into a serious groove. Usually by noon I’ve finished or edited one or two pieces of content, at which point, I am ALWAYS ready for lunch.[/su_quote]

Kayla Kinney: [su_quote]I get into my writing groove but alternate that with editing. If the weather is nice, I like to get outside for a short walk to clear my head.[/su_quote]

Hannah Powers: [su_quote]Mid-morning [I] usually get a snack, [and I’m] just working on pages.[/su_quote]

Gianna Petan: [su_quote]Mid-morning I am definitely in full-writing mode. I like to always get at least one full piece done before lunch.[/su_quote]

What’s your favorite thing to do for lunch? (12:00 – 2:00)

Jeremy Handel: [su_quote]I’m weird, so I only alternate lunch spots once every few months or so. Right now I’m grooving on Jason’s Deli. Their roast beef is OFF THE ROCKER.[/su_quote]

Kayla Kinney: [su_quote]When I eat lunch, I love to relax with a book. A couple times a month I like to go out and get lunch. My favorite spot is the Noodles and Company down the street.[/su_quote]

Vicky Szczypkowski: [su_quote]If it’s nice out, I like to have lunch outside with the radio.[/su_quote]

Ross Eugene: [su_quote]I eat and then listen to AM radio in my car. Sometimes I’ll just drive around a bit.[/su_quote]

Hannah Powers: [su_quote]For lunch, I like to go to Noodles and read Buzzfeed.[/su_quote]

Gianna Petan: [su_quote]If I don’t have leftovers from the night before, I will go out and get either Potbelly or Chick Fil A.[/su_quote]

What do you find yourself working on mid-afternoon? (2:00 – 4:00)

Jeremy Handel: [su_quote]Mid-afternoon, I’m back in the weeds working on pages for my clients. At 3pm, I head back to “The Oasis” for one last fifteen-minute break before I wind down for the day.[/su_quote]

Kayla Kinney: [su_quote]My mid-afternoon is filled with more writing and editing. I’ll take another short walk, weather permitting.[/su_quote]

Vicky Szczypkowski: [su_quote]Custom Landing Pages[/su_quote]

Ross Eugene: [su_quote]Custom Landing Pages[/su_quote]

Hannah Powers: [su_quote]Mid-afternoon I normally start tackling all the editing that’s been piling up.[/su_quote]

Gianna Petan: [su_quote]Mid-afternoon I am back at it and focused on writing, and staying on top of editing.[/su_quote]

Do you have any wind-down rituals? (4:00 – 5:00)

Jeremy Handel: [su_quote]As a way to wind down, I like to go wash my coffee cup and tidy up the coffee area in the break room.[/su_quote]

Kayla Kinney: [su_quote]Honestly, I am usually just finishing up some writing or editing by the end of the day![/su_quote]

Vicky Szczypkowski: [su_quote]Wind-down: wrap up whatever page I’m working on, respond to any remaining emails, check that everything is in basecamp, etc.[/su_quote]

Ross Eugene: [su_quote]Check Jalopnik for any newer articles.[/su_quote]

Gianna Petan: [su_quote]I like to creep Basecamp and see what others have been working on throughout the day. I also make sure I am caught up with editing and have posted all my completed pages for the day.[/su_quote]

Is there anything else of note you do during your day?

Kayla Kinney: [su_quote]When we complete the content calendar, I will work on any special projects, analyze my content in Google Analytics, and read up on industry news.[/su_quote]

Vicky Szczypkowski: [su_quote]Once the month’s deadline has passed, I spend a couple of days updating my notes, folders, etc. to prepare for the next month.[/su_quote]

Ross Eugene: [su_quote]I ALWAYS have an old episode of Top Gear playing. I’ve seen every episode dozens of times and it’s car-related, so it’s a comfort thing for me. It’s familiar, comforting, and keeps me in the automotive writing mood.[/su_quote]

Hannah Powers: [su_quote]Listening to music all day. Switch back and forth between rock/pop on Pandora, musicals on Spotify, stuff Spotify doesn’t have on youtube, and just endless loops of whatever on Eternal Jukebox.[/su_quote]

Gianna Petan: [su_quote]I try really hard to drink a gallon of water each day, so my workday is littered with trips to re-fill my water bottle. I use these small breaks to clear my head, check the temperature outside, and just step away from a project every so often.[/su_quote]

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