Which Types of Content Generate Backlinks?

Crafting custom content that drives leads to your business is what content strategies are built upon. However, the path to lead generation isn’t a straight line. To get users to come to your site organically, you need to rank within a search engine results page. A strong backlink profile is necessary to build the authority of your domain and improve rankings in a search engine. To do this, you’ll want to make sure you are providing digestible, well-researched content that answers a user’s inquiry. Using this method, you’ll quickly turn users into advocates for your brand that will share your pages on social channels, message boards, and on their own sites.

A recent survey of top SEO professionals from Link-Assistant.com shows that data and research-driven content, interviews, and informative pages worked best to generate organic links that boost ranking, and key tips to craft pages that earn backlinks are as follows:

How-Tos: Get organic backlinks by helping users

Whether you’re looking to pair a smartphone to a car or explain a DIY project, how-to-guides are a great way to connect to a user’s pain points and provide relevant, sharable content. An optimized how-to guide is also an excellent way to get into Google’s answer box. Follow these tips to create a successful how-to page:

  • Use lists. Take advantage of numbered lists for directions or bulleted lists for suggestions.
  • Provide visual aids. Either pictures or animated gifs to show the user exactly what to do.
  • Keep your writing to the point. Write complete sentences, but make sure they are concise.
  • Allow users to offer feedback or ask questions. Engaged users may offer a suggestion that you didn’t think of, or provide a topic for a new post.

Interviews: Get the facts from an expert

A well-crafted interview from a respected, authoritative source helps you gain backlinks. If you’re able to get a few minutes with an industry influencer, ask a few questions, and post a detailed interview. You’ll pick up additional links from the subject’s social channels and personal site when they share your content.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask. The worst a potential interview subject can do is say ‘no’. You have little to lose from an email or phone call.
  • Editing is acceptable. It’s okay to clean up your interview subject’s responses as long as you’re up front about the changes. Asking, ‘do you mind if I adjust your answers to improve readability?’ allows your subject the opportunity to decide for him or herself.
  • Stay on topic. If you’re speaking to an expert in SEO, you don’t want to discuss favorite recipes…unless the topic focuses on an SEO expert’s home life.

Case Studies: Data to drive backlinks

Showing the results that your strategies or techniques achieve is perhaps the best method of gaining authority in a particular field and developing natural backlinks. Case studies can be a challenge to develop given the time commitment to do the research and document the findings, but they can go along way in providing prospective clients with clear proof. A few tips to keep in mind when developing a case study are as follows:

  • Include data. Every time another source cites your data, they link to you.
  • Provide context. Add a story to the numbers to give the reader a complete picture.
  • Appeal to different aesthetics. Some users prefer charts. Others focus on numbers or words. Provide a balance of numerical data, graphs, and written content to connect with different types of users.

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