How Connecting with Your Audience Can Increase Social Media Engagement

Scrolling through social media for hours on end has become a normal part of our everyday lives. A simple click of a button gives users the ability to connect with friends, follow their favorite brands, and stay updated on current events. With an influx of available information, it is easy for content to get lost in the mix. In order to stand out from the crowd, you must form a personal connection with your followers, especially if the goal is to increase user engagement. If your page is constantly promoting a product, your followers may become uninterested and interact with your content less frequently. To help keep users intrigued, follow along with the tips below.

Employee Fun Facts

People use social media to connect with other people, not be marketed towards. Utilize your platform for more than product promotion and help your followers get to know your employees on a more human level by posting about them every so often. These posts can include, but are not limited to, favorite hobbies, dream jobs, and items on their bucket list. Birthday celebrations and work anniversaries can also do the trick. This kind of content will humanize your staff members and create a sense of genuineness. If followers have similar interests, or have worked with an employee in the past, they are more likely to interact with the post.

Business Specific Content

Stock photos are great, but posting too many too often can decrease your engagement. Posts with generic pictures tend to have less user interaction because they lack originality. The same photo can be seen across multiple websites and quickly becomes redundant. To avoid this problem, publish content that relates to your business specifically. Take your followers behind the scenes and give them a sneak peek at what is happening. For example, car dealerships can post about new car arrivals, contests, or events occurring at the store. Anything that is directly related to your company will create a sense of legitimacy and increase customer loyalty on social media.

Community Events

If there are any festivals or events occurring in your neighborhood, inform your followers of them. People are always looking for fun things to do, so they will appreciate this information. Showing that your company is involved is a key factor in increasing a sense of authenticity, which in turn increases user interaction. A genuine sense of community is always appreciated and welcomed.

Engagement also increases if your business has representation at these events as well. For example, if your company is participating in a local philanthropic event, post about it. This shows that your team actually cares about more than just the product you are selling, while also shedding light on the various ways your company gives back. Those who support the same causes will appreciate what you are doing and let you know by commenting or reacting to your post.

Overall, connecting with your audience is essential to increasing post engagement. By taking your followers behind the scenes, you are allowing them to see a more intimate side of the business. Use this to your advantage and post exclusive content more often.

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