Buying or Leasing: What Does The Team at Aronson Ads Prefer?

When it comes to choosing a new car, truck or SUV, the team at Aronson Advertising Inc. is fairly divided. Our parking lot features several of the latest luxury and performance models, but there are also more than a few real clunkers (yours truly is included in this group). However, when it comes to choosing how to pay for the vehicles that take us to work, there is a clear preference. The overwhelming majority of the team chooses to finance instead of lease.

Several of the team members at Aronson Advertising Inc. have modded performance models or have upgraded the rims or stereo systems to their specific taste. Others enjoy watching the payments dwindle down to nothing, and ultimately prefer to own their cars outright and have them for the long haul. Still others wanted to build their credit history with an auto loan.

However, a small but loud minority choose to lease their cars and experience the latest models every few years while making smaller payments than those that come with finance deals. These folks have to watch their mileage and consider their driving habits so as to not incur penalties or damage their vehicle.

No matter what we drive or how we pay for it, the team at Aronson Advertising needs cars to get to work. While we may disagree on payment methods, brands, and bumper stickers, everyone has a morning commute that they have to get through. How they pay for it, is up to them.

How would you like to join our team and make the daily commute to our Schaumburg, IL-based advertising agency? We’re hiring. Take a look at the latest openings and send us your resume. Who knows? You may be discussing the latest auto lease or finance offers while helping one of our clients to drive conversions.

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