Better Together: Facebook Ads & Social Media Management

A multi-pronged approach towards marketing ultimately yields the best results, and social media marketing is no exception. While social media management is the best-known facet of social media marketing, the use of paid ads—particularly on social media giant Facebook—is a tactic that too few businesses take advantage of. Let’s take a look at what exactly social media management and Facebook ads are, and discuss why they work best in conjunction with one another rather than as stand-alone services.

What is social media management?

The first thing most businesses think of when they consider their online presence is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Which platform is utilized the most by a particular business is dependent upon what products and services the business offers. For example, a boutique clothes shop may lean on the rich imagery offered by Instagram and Pinterest, while a freelance writer and editor may favor the concise wording and conversational nature of Twitter. Most businesses use most or all of the social media channels available, and share similar content on each channel.

Regardless of which social media platform your business uses, employing excellent social media management practices such as having informative and cohesive bios across your social media channels and sharing regular high-quality organic posts, will give your business a quality digital storefront. Visitors to your social media platforms will be able to quickly discern your contact information, website, location, and the specifics of the products or services your business is selling.

What are Facebook ads?

While organic social media posts are important, their reach is limited to social media users that happen across your post, whether on their personal social media timeline, on your business page or account, or because one of their social media connections commented on or liked your post. Boosting your posts expands your posts’ reach, but to reach the most social media users possible, paid ads are the preferred route.

As Facebook has, by far, the most users and the most time spent on its platform, it makes financial sense to implement paid ads on Facebook. Ads can be targeted specifically towards people interested in your business’s products or services, and to people located anywhere from within a certain radius of your business (if your business has a walk-in location) to multiple countries if your business specializes in shipped products. In short, Facebook ads allow you to reach potential consumers that may not be aware of your business, much less your business’s social media account and organic posts.

Why are Facebook ads and social media management better together?

Alone, quality social media management is a powerful marketing tool. The best business social media accounts curate lovely, relevant imagery and wording to create a complete digital store experience for potential consumers, which in turn will entice website or in-store visits.

Used in conjunction with Facebook ads, the reach of your business’s social media presence is magnified. The use of Facebook ads alone is possible but not recommended; your ads appear as sponsored posts from your business Facebook page, and potential consumers that are interested in your product or service may click through to your Facebook business page. If a bare-bones page with minimal or low-quality posts and little relevant information in the bio greets these page visitors, then you may have lost those visitors as consumers. Appearances matter!

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