The Digital Department’s Best-In-Class

Remember how much fun high school was? Did you get that class clown title you worked so hard to achieve? No? Neither did I. To that end, the team at Aronson Advertising in Schaumburg, IL thought it would be fun to see what superlatives we could give to each other, so we did exactly that! We passed out a questionnaire to all of our coworkers to see who they think has the best hair, best car, and largest collection of nerd knowledge. Take a look below for the results. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Best Dressed Male: Mark V.

With his sleek slacks, shiny shoes, and glossy glasses, Mark Villaloboz quickly shot to the top of the list for best dressed male in the office.

Best Dressed Mark

Best Dressed Female: Marina K.

With impeccable style and a flare for the business casual, Marina Klyavina has long deserved the title of best-dressed female.

Best Dressed Marina

Best Hair Male: Brentton N.

Light blonde highlights blended with a brunette base, Brentton’s neatly combed hair is nothing short of masterful.

Best Hair Brentton

Best Hair Female: Alli E.

The color red could learn a thing or two from the floor-length strawberry blonde locks that won Alli the award for best female hair.

Best Hair Alli

Most Talented Artist: Heidi C.

With photo skills the likes of which are typically reserved for the crème de la crème of art houses, cafés, and paparazzi, Heidi had no issues winning the award for most talented artist.

Most Talented Heidi

Best Car: Ross E.

A car that makes one question their definition of “practical,” it’s hard to deny that Ross’s Lexus LS430 is eye-catching.

Best Car Ross

Best Car: Gianna P.

The only tie on the ballot, Gianna’s Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, complete with pink skulls, exudes off-road excellence.

Best Car Gianna

Worst Car: Matt D.

Potentially the oldest thing in the parking lot, Matt’s 2001 VW Golf chugged and coughed its way to the coveted “Worst Car” spot on our list.

Worst Car Matt

Best Laugh: George L.

The laugh heard round the world, George’s mirthful joviality fills the office with delight each and every day.

Best Laugh George

Resident Badass: Heidi C.

The tattooed equestrian with a manual Volkswagen Golf GTI, the Digital Department’s resident badass, Heidi Carpenter kicked ass all the way to the very top of the list.

Resident Badass Heidi

Nerd Award: Jeremy H.

A highly sought after award, Jeremy H. could not possibly be more proud to have won the respect of his peers by constantly referencing cartoons, comics, movies, and science fiction.

Nerd Award - Jeremy

Best Desk-Orations: Jeremy H.

Thanks to his massive nerd status, Jeremy H. decorated his desk with the nerdy super heroes and toys that won him best desk-orations.

Best Desk Jeremy

Special Recognition – Resident Ninja: Tony E.

Nominated by Christian D., Tony has sliced and starred his way right to the top of the resident ninja list.

Resident Ninja Tony

Special Recognition – Positivity Award: Dana A.

Nominated by Marina K., the positivity award goes to Dana for her, well… positivity, of course!

Positivity Award - Dana

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