Let’s Take A Poll: Aronson Advertising Employees Won’t Buy A Car Without…

The automotive industry is one of constant innovation, and almost every model year brings with it exciting new features. These can sometimes take a few years to become widely available, but once we are comfortable with a feature, we can seldom imagine life without it. Employees at Aronson Advertising love cars, and because we collectively drive a lot of different brands and styles, we get to see a little bit of everything that hits the market. Everyone has a ‘non-negotiable’ list in mind when they walk into a dealership, and this is ours. Our employees have each chosen the one vehicle feature that they would never buy a car without.

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Because our office is based in Schaumburg, Illinois, we have to deal with snowy winters and rainy springs. So it’s little wonder that 29% of respondents chose something that would help them keep traction on the road. All-wheel drive, premium tires, and a locking differential make up the majority of the performance features identified.

Aronson Advertising employees also place a high value on in-car entertainment. Premium audio systems and Bluetooth music streaming caught 20- and 10-percent of the vote respectively, making them the second and third most popular responses behind all-wheel drive. Some members of our team make their commute from Chicago every day, so having high quality entertainment options is a must for traffic jams.

Technology features made up more than half of the total responses. Vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated every year, and as the automotive industry gears itself towards a shift to autonomous driving, we will likely see this category growing.

It’s clear that employees at Aronson Advertising know what gets inventory moving, so add authority to your website by signing up with the experts at Aronson Advertising today.

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