Aronson Advertising 2018 Holiday Celebration Recap

The holidays are a time to enjoy friends, family, and celebrate the accomplishments of the year as it comes to a close. This year for the holidays, Aronson Advertising celebrated over the course of the entire month of December with several exciting events. Check out our holiday celebration recap below to see the different events that took place over the last few weeks.

Office-Wide White Elephant

Each year Aronson Advertising employees anxiously await the white elephant gift exchange, where each team member brings in the funniest gift they can find for $10. This year we had over 50 participants, making for an exciting and hilarious white elephant gift exchange. Gifts included toilet golf, a framed photo of Nicholas Cage, and unicorn toilet paper! Take a look at fellow team members and their gifts below.

white elephant
white elephant gift

Account Executive Luncheon

The team of Account Executives at Aronson Advertising treated the entire office to lunch in order to thank everyone for their hard work throughout the year. We enjoyed pizza, salad, and each other’s company as we reflected on the successful year 2018 has been. Check out photos from our luncheon below!

holiday luncheon

Ugly Sweater Contest

No holiday celebration is complete without an ugly sweater competition, and this year the event brought some seriously unsightly sweaters. Take a look at the most memorable ugly sweaters below.

ugly sweater
ugly sweater contest
ugly sweater idea

Holiday Party

Aronson Advertising’s 2018 Holiday Party took place at Level 257, an upscale restaurant and arcade near the office. Employees enjoyed an impressive spread for lunch including sushi, nachos, sliders, and pizza! After lunch the fun ensued with bowling and arcade games!

arcade games

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