5 Ways Humor Can Take Your Automotive Digital Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

Digital Content and Humor

When automotive content falls flat, who you gonna call? Content writers! Keeping an audience invested in your digital marketing campaign can be difficult, but an addition of humor can be an excellent hook. Our digital team has taken the time to talk about the treasures that lie in the humorous content community, so scroll through our five steps to adding a couple laughs to your digital campaign.

1.)  Use Humor Sparingly, but Consistently

Good humor can be difficult to create, especially in the automotive digital market. When using humor, writers tend to pile a multitude of jokes on top of one another in the hopes to hold the reader’s attention. While this can be effective for the few, the many will click away due to lack of quality content. With humor, think of it as cayenne pepper. Use a lot and your audience can’t handle the heat. Use a little and they’ll be content with the slow, but comfortable burn. So, it’s easy to “wrangle in the readers with the Jeep Wrangler,” but with too much humor you’ll leave them “running, reeling, and returning back to their 2012 Jeep Renegade instead of investing in an all-new Wrangler.”

2.)  Alliteration is Always Awesome

Keeping consistent with content is key to any campaign. Staggering style can make it difficult for your readers to locate and understand your brand. In the automotive digital marketing industry, one of the best humor weapons is alliteration. It’s easy to exhibit every example as exemplary by using a couple words with the same starting letter or pronunciation. This type of humor is one of the simplest to integrate into automotive content.  An example of this could be “The Toyota Tacoma takes your travels to tremendous heights.” This very simple sentence is a factor that can easily snag your reader’s attention.

3.)  Take a Careful Comedic Risk

There is always a line to “tow” when it comes to humor. Every reader has a unique sense of humor, and what is funny to one could be unfunny to another. There is an importance to taking a risk when it comes to crafting comedic content, but a careful risk if anything. Since automotive content marketing is a professional business, comedic risk is for those confident in the ability of the joke. Something like “why Cruze out of a dealership in a lackluster sedan when you can Co-roll-a away with the all-new Toyota Corolla?” grabs the attention of a reader, but can also rub Chevrolet lovers the wrong way.

4.)  Craft a Voice That Leaves ‘Em Begging For More

Voice is the biggest weapon in automotive content marketing because it gives words a personality. Imagine reading a novel and the narrator is dull, lifeless, and without personality. Now, apply that to your automotive content, and you’ve got readers uninterested. By placing some of yourself into the content you create, readers have the ability to connect and stay invested.

5.)  Aim for Interest, Not Just Laughs

It’s not always about making jokes about escaping in the Ford Escape or the outlandish abilities of the Outlander. Like most good humor, if you try too hard, the jokes just fall flat. The way to a good automotive digital marketing campaign is to write about what you find interesting. If you write about what you love, then the humor is bound to hit harder. A reader can sense the difference between a forced comedic voice and a passionate one.

Interested in Our Humorous Help?

We’ve got a fully capable digital team ready to make your readers ravenous for your content. If you’re on the market to spice up your digital content, Aronson Advertising is an amazing automotive marketing advantage. For advice on adjusting your automotive digital content campaign, just give us a honk by contacting Aronson Advertising today at (847) 297-1700.

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