How to Survive a Long Road Trip

Whether you’re visiting family or heading out on a cross-country adventure, road tripping with family and friends is a large part of American culture and a common way to vacation here in the USA. If you have a road trip planned in the near future, you’ll want to be prepared for any sort of trouble, no matter if it’s with your vehicle or with the little ones dying of boredom. Here are some handy road trip tips from Aronson Advertising to make a long car ride much more enjoyable.

  1. Get your car inspected by a professional. Before you even think of heading out on the road, have an automotive professional take a look at your car for oil and fluid levels, have them examine the entire brake system, and measure tire pressure and tread. Being stranded on the side of the road is the last thing you want with impatient kids in the car who are eager to get out and do the activities you have planned.
  1. Bring ALL the snacks. Avoid a growling stomach and make it to your destination on time by packing snacks that the entire family can enjoy. We recommend grabbing a mix of healthy food (nuts, carrots, fruit) as well as tasty treats (cookies, chips). You’ll also want to stock up on water to stay hydrated.
  1. Pack an emergency kit. We highly recommend utilizing tip number one, but in case something does go wrong on the road, you’ll want to have an emergency kit on hand. This should include a fully charged cell phone, first-aid kit, tire gauge, blankets, and jumper cables.
  1. Plan games everyone can enjoy. Sure, it’s fun to play on your tablet for a while, but with road trip games and activities you can spend some quality time with your loved ones and save precious mobile data as well. Some of our favorites are I Spy, the License Plate Game, 20 Questions, and Word Association. There are plenty of games out there, so make sure to do a quick online search before you leave.
  1. Download podcasts and audiobooks. If you’re making a solo trip, a great way to pass the time is by listening to your favorite podcasts or an audiobook. There are a number of phone or tablet apps you can download to get access to nearly any podcast or audiobook you can think of. Just remember to download these before you leave to avoid using up all your data.

We at Aronson Advertising hope you have fun and stay safe out on the open road!

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