3 Reasons for Avoiding Negative Language in Content Marketing

When it comes to building a trusting relationship, a good first impression is one of the most important aspects that you can establish. This is especially true when it comes to content marketing, specifically in the automotive space. How you depict your brand upon first user interaction will give them a sense of how your business operates and could make or break a sale.

Avoiding negative language in content marketing is a simple way to make a solid first impression. Here are three great ways to turn that negative into a positive.

Use positive phrasing

Using negative language in your content has the same effect as interacting with a negative person. If you were talking to someone who is overly pessimistic, you would likely dismiss this individual.
The same concept applies to negative language in automotive content marketing. Take, for instance, the statement, “Buying a used car doesn’t come with the same benefits as buying new.” In this case, users will likely click away from the page because who would want a car with fewer advantages? Instead, use positive words and phrasing like, “Buying a used car offers several benefits such as slower depreciation and lower insurance premiums,” for better user engagement.

First impressions matter

According to an article written by Rebecca Knight from the Harvard Business Review, it only takes a few seconds for you to make a first impression on someone else, and those first moments are hard to forget. Perhaps your main goal is to establish new customer relationships. If a new user lands on a page littered with negative language, they will likely make assumptions. Ultimately, potential car buyers will see your company as untrustworthy, which can hurt its reputation over time. The obvious path here is to omit negativity in all cases and instead find ways to frame your thoughts, arguments, and calls-to-action to promote a positive user experience. For example, when writing a vehicle comparison page, lead with the positives of the vehicle you’re promoting and follow with the negatives of the competing vehicle. If you’re writing about used cars, be sure to refer to them as “affordable” rather than “cheap”.

Play it safe

Edgy advertising certainly has its place in the world, but unless you’re advertising for Coca-Cola or Apple, we recommend avoiding it. Incorporating political and societal commentary in ads is a common advertising method, but you can entirely miss the mark, like in this 2016 Gold’s Gym ad. It uses negative language and makes suggestions about women’s bodies. Should you decide to divert from the norm, you can risk the controversy overshadowing the product as well as the potential of alienating users. Instead, take the high road to get your point across.

A negative attitude is generally associated with uncertainty and lack of confidence, which are the last things you want customers to correlate with your brand, company, or client. For improved results, show users that your product is the best by creating content that bursts with confidence and positivity.

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