2019: New Year’s Plans and Resolutions

A brand new year has arrived, and with it brings 365 days of new experiences, opportunity, and potential. We were curious as to what our fellow Aronson employees are looking forward to in 2019. We discovered that many of our Aronson co-workers have exciting plans for this year, including everything from travel to fulfilling personal goals. Check out what they had to say below!

Content Team

Savannah, a Jr. Content Writer, told us that “my family and I have been planning a cruise to the Greek islands sometime in September for a couple months now.” She’s also looking forward to seeing her favorite football team, the Giants, stating how “I’ve also been asking my dad to take me to the Giants @ Bears game next football season for about two years and he finally said yes.”

Kayla, another member of the content team, and her boyfriend are currently planning their next vacation, although they aren’t quite sure yet of where they want to travel. When it comes to goals, Kayla told us, “I’m definitely on a Marie Kondo kick and want to organize and purge a lot of things in my apartment. I also want to learn a new skill, possibly knitting or embroidery. And as always, I want to read as many books as I can, when and wherever I can.”

Content team member Gianna has some exciting plans involving her horse. “This year I am looking forward to officially entering barrel races with my horse! I will have had her for a year in February, and we have been training on the pattern for about 6-7 months now. Barrel racing is a new discipline for me, and I am really excited to start going to rodeos on the weekends,” she shared.

Social Media Team

Heidi, a member of our social media team, enjoys photographing “supposedly haunted” locations, and she has a long list of places that she wants to check off her list this year.

Nancy, one of our Social Media Strategists, shared with us that one of her goals for 2019 is to get 10K YouTube subscribers.

SEO Team

Ameera, an SEO team member, has big plans for the new year. She’s looking forward to traveling more as well as fulfilling her most important goal of 2019, which is further developing her leadership skills and finding ways to inspire others to obtain fulfillment in their everyday lives.

Ruben, a member of the SEO team, wants to begin training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. “The martial art has been an interest of mine for awhile now but between the cost and my nervousness i’ve been putting it off. I plan to enroll within the next couple weeks.” he tells us.

So, what are you most looking forward to in 2019? Perhaps a career at Aronson
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