Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

The team at Aronson Advertising Inc. always has unique ideas to help our clients convert goals, engage with customers, and build brand awareness. That said, a few members of our team have peered into their crystal balls, read the tealeaves, and prognosticated what the future has in store for digital marketing.

Search Engine Marketing Predictions for 2017

What’s in store for SEM and SEO in 2017? SEO gurus Johnson and Christian offer their thoughts:

“Google will continue to enter more high value verticals and act as an affiliate.

“Traditional SEO as a primary skill will have less value and employers will look for prospects who has SEO ingrained to their overall digital marketing skill set.” – Johnson H., Senior SEO Specialist

“Search engines will have a greater understanding of searcher intent. Anytime users struggle to find what they are searching for, it’s because Google is failing to bridge the gap between their intent and their search terms. Google will become more intuitive in understanding the intent behind queries.

“Enhanced visual pattern recognition will also continue to be refined and developed. Let’s say you like a pair of shoes someone is wearing. A smartphone picture will suffice to tell you what shoes they are, and where to buy them.

“Improved in-store shopping experience with indexation of store inventory. Imagine you’re shopping for a neutral training shoe, size 11, men. Instead of sifting through the racks manually, you will be able to search the store’s inventory with digital filters. This will help shoppers find what they want for before they get tired of looking.” – Christian D., SEO Specialist

Paid Search Marketing Predictions for 2017

How will paid search continue to change in 2017? PPC strategists Mark and Kira share their insights:

“The biggest, most recent developments are the new ad extensions available, particularly Price and Message extensions. The overall trend is to reduce the barrier between the customer and the answer to their search query, and provide more information directly on Google’s SERP. With Price extensions, Google is asking, “Why land a user to a page that has price information when you can display it directly on the SERP?” With message extensions, “Why land a user to a ‘Contact Us’ page when they can text a customer rep directly from the SERP?” Reduce that one extra step the consumer has to take on the journey and you’ll likely get a higher engagement rate because you’re reducing a pain point.”- Mark V., PPC Strategist

“[Consumers] are very price conscious and are looking for the best deal. What this means for advertisers, is that we can no longer use the generic headlines of “Black Friday Sale” Or “Low Prices”. [Shoppers] want to know what the exact deal is, and we see better metrics when we use these new extensions. So for 2017, it is going to be all about capturing the most traffic from mobile users by giving them information that shows the ways in which [advertisers] beat their competitors and how easy it is for the consumer to find out more information.” – Kira B., PPC Strategist

Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2017

Are you looking to go viral in 2017? Social Media Specialist Heidi makes her predictions about social content in the coming year:

“The trend towards video will continue, especially on social media. Brief video clips that can be customized with emojis, text, etc., in particular will be hot.” – Heidi C., Social Media Specialist.

Content Marketing Predictions for 2017

How will content marketing continue to evolve? Digital Content Manager Matthew shares his views:

“In 2017 Google will finally have an algorithm update for verbal search, and give pages that emphasize question and answer-based content an advantage over the competition.

“Strategies that find users in the ‘mobile moment’ – time when they’re on a device and engaged – will provide greater value than strategies that simply focus on content that works for the device.

“Human-created, story-driven content designed to solve a user problem will continue to provide greater value than automated, keyword-stuffed content.” – Matthew D., Digital Content Manager

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