Artificial Intelligence in SEO: How Is Your Website Affected?

In the early days, search engines like Google evaluated pages based on core factors such as keywords, meta tags, and headers. Because of this, many individuals could manipulate the algorithm and rank high in the search results. 

However, to crack down on bad practices and provide users with the most relevant content, Google started implementing updates in 2011. One of the first updates, “Panda,” eliminated black hat tactics such as keyword stuffing. Since then, Google has updated its algorithm several times to enhance language processing and search query intent.

With rapidly developing technology, Google now relies on artificial intelligence to improve its search engine, and it’s crucial to understand how your website can be affected. Here’s how artificial intelligence (AI) in SEO works and where the future of AI is headed.

Using artificial intelligence in SEO practices

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that simulates human functions with the help of machines. When applied to SEO strategies, it can help to identify new opportunities, discover the best optimization practices, and increase conversions.

Search engines are becoming more and more user-focused, and AI can give users personalized results based on their locations, devices, activities, and many other variables. 

While the SEO strategies we have learned continue to be helpful, SERP results are now prioritized due to the shifting competitive environment. Because of this, optimization strategies that are effective for one set of keywords might not be as effective for another.

How Does Google Use AI?

In 2016, Google changed its strategy by focusing on AI, which has significantly impacted the digital landscape. 

Their implemented “RankBrain” AI system allows the search engine to learn independently and control the algorithm. Because of this, Google keeps improving at responding to unanswered or never-before-seen search queries. 

AI will also attempt to comprehend our specific search intent before providing tailored results based on the information it has collected about us.

Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in SEO

With the advancement of AI in SEO, marketing teams can use it to improve their digital strategies. 

For example, AI helps to manage and enhance efforts in keyword research, content development, and conversion rates. This technological revolution has even allowed AI to create customized optimization tactics.

Businesses that use AI can identify the most trending topics and analyze data to understand target audiences, buying trends, and future behavior.

Even when content is often updated, and reports indicate a decline in clickthrough rates, machine learning will identify these issues through regular monitoring while ensuring a consistent level of relevance for search engines.

How Can You Use AI in Your SEO Strategy?

Now that we know AI enhances content production and speeds up data processing, here’s how companies use AI tools to improve their SEO strategy.

Voice Search Capability

Voice search is rapidly developing, and more consumers rely on voice-activated gadgets such as Alexa and Siri to do online searches. These systems are proliferating in vehicles, too, which is helping to drive the use of voice-driven search.

Since questions make up most of the voice searches, responding to these queries is a critical strategy of AI in SEO. 

For example, when a consumer is looking for information related to your website, optimizing a page for voice-search with AI tools will improve the chances of selecting your page and reading it aloud. 

Content Creation

When it comes to SEO, it must be relevant, and the natural language processing by Google’s algorithm focuses on providing users with the most high-quality content. 

When utilizing AI-powered technology for a specific keyword, it’ll present current issues or trending topics. This makes it easier to produce customized content that meets user intent or addresses specific questions a consumer may have.

Analyzing Competition

It’s usually good practice to keep an eye on the competition. SEO tools will allow you to see critical data such as backlinks, referring domains, and keywords. However, tracking information may be difficult as it requires a lot of time and effort. 

Fortunately, available AI tools will monitor competitor data, note any alterations, and assess how they affect your website.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in SEO

While Google uses AI to enhance language processing and search query intent, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be negatively affected. On the contrary, using AI for your SEO initiatives will improve effectiveness, efficiency, and performance.

Some SEOs might be worried that AI will replace them, but it’s a fantastic supplement to any SEO strategy. The future of AI in SEO is everlasting, and it can benefit everyone. Who wouldn’t want a tool that carries out hundreds of activities and analyzes billions of data points?

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