Website Migration Services

Moving from one website provider to another can be a very exciting venture. However, many business owners and executives don’t understand the amount of work that goes into ensuring that your site’s organic relevance, otherwise measured as site and domain authority, passes through to your new website. Almost every website provider will tell you they have this migration under control, but do they really? We’ve yet to see another package like ours in the industry. We offer an industry-leading 301 redirect strategy that ensures your content, custom pages, and more are moved to your new site and that Google and other search engines are updated to the move. This way, your website doesn’t lose search engine positioning that has taken years to obtain.

If you’re thinking about changing from 3rd Party to OEM, OEM to 3rd Party, OEM to OEM, or even 3rd Party to 3rd Party, ask your current and new provider the following questions:

  • How many pages will you import directly from the current site and add to the new one?
  • Is there a limit on how many 301 redirects you will allow us to have when moving to your platform?
  • Who will be responsible to ensure all my website pages, content, and site authority will be properly moved to the it’s new home?
  • Will you simply redirect all other pages back to the home page?
  • Will you move my site descriptions, keywords, and meta tags over to the new pages?