Website Management

Website Management

Taking time to continuously maintain and improve your website is crucial for a positive user experience and lead generation. At Aronson Advertising, our website management team provides a stress-free solution to improving and maintaining your online presence. We work to streamline all communications from the dealer, OEM, and various decision makers to ensure your website is functioning properly to provide a quality user experience.

As part of this service, you will receive a dedicated web manager who will work specifically with your website. We will regularly test submission forms, e-chats, e-leads, and phone numbers to ensure that you will never miss out on an online lead. In addition to on-going site maintenance, the web management team is also responsible for but not limited to:

  • Adding and updating web-slides and banners
  • Checking and updating content.
  • Ensuring pages and links are working properly
  • Testing mobile responsiveness
  • Posting, updating, and/or creating New, Used, Finance, and Service and Parts Specials
  • Monitoring the inventory feed, including VDPs
  • Keeping your site OEM compliant

Our web management team works closely with our SEO, PPC, social media, and content departments to bring a cohesive online experience to your customers. We keep our eyes open for opportunities to improve conversions and provide a smooth customer experience.

If you want strategic thinking and committed eyes dedicated to your website, contact Aronson Advertising and find out the best way to get started with our program.