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In today’s digital landscape, your dealership’s social media presence offers a first and lasting impression. At Aronson Advertising, we use a combination of eye-catching infographics, creative social posts, and long-term plans featuring trending content that link back to your website for increased traffic. Our hands-on social media experts create a positive impact for your dealership through strategic targeting and engagement, while meeting dealer- and automotive-specific advertising guidelines.

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As a Premier Google Partner accredited marketing agency, we take pride in having each member of our digital team certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords. By horizontally applying this knowledge to Facebook campaigns, our experts ensure that your advertising budget is efficiently utilized. Knowing which trends to follow when crafting social posts with an appropriate tone for your brand and targeted demographic is key to a successful social media campaign. Our social media marketing strategies impact your bottom line by:

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Increasing Brand Awareness

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Targeting ads and posts to specific demographics

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Deploying re-marketing tactics

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Social platforms put customers and dealerships on a level playing field, encouraging easy engagement between consumer and dealer. Our dedicated professionals know that responding to social media comments and reviews is critical for maintaining a positive brand image and cultivating lasting relationships with current and potential customers. The Aronson social media advertising team is also responsible for:

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Administrating charity contests

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Driving traffic to custom landing pages

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Monitoring and addressing dissatisfied comments and reviews

Social media marketing is more important than ever with the exponential growth of social platform use.

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Why Social Media Marketing From Aronson?

The Social team is built on curating eye-catching content for social media users. Our team is collaborative, yet each member brings something different to the table, allowing us to craft campaigns from a number of unique perspectives. We constantly tweak how we present our content and take notes to help refine future campaigns. We’re aware of the constant evolution of social media, so we’ve made adapting our way of life.

Give us a call at 847-297-1700 or contact our Social Media Marketing team to learn how we can improve your website’s visibility and help you drive more leads.

Alex Castro Social Media Manager
Alex Castro - Social Media Manager

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