Top 3 Automotive Dealership Marketing Trends in 2019

Automotive dealerships throughout the United States increasingly rely on digital marketing techniques and services to boost sales. Although traditional marketing mediums such as television, radio, and print advertisements are still viable, the digital space is becoming more and more popular. In this blog, you’ll learn about three automotive digital marketing tactics that help dealerships gain exposure, target consumers throughout the purchasing journey, and, of course, increase sales.


It shouldn’t be a shock that mobile devices are seemingly dominating users’ digital interactions. To put this into context, Google followed one consumer’s complete purchase journey from product awareness to purchase and discovered that “71% of digital interactions occurred on mobile. Additionally, 58% of auto shoppers agree that in the future their smartphone is likely to be the only device they use for vehicle research” ( It’s crucial for auto dealers to understand the importance of developing and maintaining a mobile-friendly website or app in order to successfully reach and be a driving force throughout consumers’ quest for the perfect vehicle.

Video Marketing

So, what exactly is video marketing? It’s quite simple! It can be described as “using video to promote or market your brand, product or service” ( Videos can certainly play a large role in influencing an individual throughout the vehicle research stage. In fact, “the latest data from Google shows that vehicle research and purchase decisions are increasingly influenced by video. More than half of auto shoppers watch 30 minutes or more of videos as part of their vehicle research” ( Ideas for videos that dealerships can produce include:

Customer testimonials

  • Videos from live events
  • How-to videos (how-to change your oil, change a tire, etc…)
  • Viral (entertainment) videos
  • Highlighting specs and features of popular vehicles
  • Vehicle comparisons
  • Dealership services (service center, financial, parts…etc.)
  • Dealership tour

Email Marketing & Personalization

While it might seem that email marketing has been put on the backburner, it’s actually still “one of the most reliable, effective, and widely used platforms out there.” Simply put, email marketing is defined as using the medium of email to promote products and services. Dealerships may send out general email blasts to their customers, but there is a better strategy to accomplish your automotive objectives: personalization. According to Jazel Auto, “you could target customers who will likely be reaching their first vehicle maintenance dates with special emails offering them an awesome deal on their service if they come to your dealership” ( Email personalization delivers several benefits.

When receiving personalized emails “63% of Millennials, 58% of Gen Xers, and 46% of Baby Boomers are willing to share personal information with companies” (

“82% of marketers reported an increase in open rates through email personalization, while 75% believe it yields higher click-through rates” (

“Personalized emails deliver 6X higher transactional rates” (

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