How to Organically Grow Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is great way to communicate with your customers on a more personal level than traditional advertising methods. It is also simple and fun, provided you know the trick to it. Don’t expect to have millions of follows like the Kardashians right away, but if you follow a few rules you can make a good start at building your social media following. See what the social media specialists at Aronson Advertising Inc. have to say about gaining the most valuable followers on social media, the organic kind.

Make Yourself Easy to Find

It is important to use an easily recognizable username, and to remain consistent in the use of that name and profile image across every social platform you use. Don’t leave your bio blank. Include a link to your website, and make sure your website links back to your social accounts. You can also verify your page with the social media site. That’s the little blue checkmark you see next to a username on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It tells users you are the official page representing your business.

Post Useful and Valuable Content

It’s a good idea to put a few posts out there before you starting looking for followers. Users won’t stay for a page that doesn’t hold their interest. That holds true for both infrequently updated accounts and pages viewed as “spammy”, a.k.a. those where nearly every post is promotional.

An 80/20 ratio is a good rule of thumb to follow. 80-percent of your content should be interesting and informative, pertaining to your industry or a trending topic. The remaining 20-percent will encourage conversions.

Interact with Users

People follow brands online not only to keep up on the latest news and products, but to have a quick and direct way to voice their complaints, questions, and enthusiasm directly to the company. This is why it’s important to devote some time every day to interacting with other users on the social sites you use. The purpose is to “be social” after all.

Let’s say you own a Jeep dealership. If someone mentions an interest in your product online, whether specifically (“Love my new Jeep!”) or in general (“Car’s a goner. Time for something new!”), it’s an excellent opportunity to start an interaction, and build a positive relationship with a current or prospective customer.

Remember, it’s just as important to answer the genuine concerns of negative commentators as to respond to happy customers. Facebook reviews are public and an unaddressed bad review can receive likes and comments same as a post, and the more engagement, the more people who will see it. Positive Google+ reviews can also help your business appear higher on Google searches.

Follow Who You Want to Follow You

Take the initiative to seek out users who you know are already interested in your product. For example, a Jeep dealership page may find new followers by following currents fans of the official Jeep account, or of fan and outdoor interest accounts.

Be careful not to follow potential customers too aggressively, however, or you may see pushback. For example, Twitter accounts with less than 5,000 followers cannot follow more than 5,000 other accounts, and cannot follow more than 1,000 accounts per day. Past that point, the follow limit is an account-specific ratio generally assumed to be around 10-percent more than your own followers. Don’t be tempted to go past the limit. You may end up in “Twitter Jail” with a temporarily suspended account.

Contact Aronson Advertising for Professional Social Media Management

An active, engaging, and interesting social media account can go a long way to introducing more customers to your brand, and to help you learn more about your customers. If you are interested in learning how our professional digital marketing agency can grow your social media accounts, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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